Drool or Not: Ashley Tisdale’s Boyfriend, Chris French

Ashley Tisdale hasn’t exactly had the most illustrious career post High School Musical, but something about her charms me, and I find myself quite protective of our little Tiz, especially when it comes to her choice in men.

I’ve accepted that Ash likes musicians, despite how poor, dirty and downright Brooklyn-ish they tend to be. But what do we think about her latest love, Chris French? Evidently he’s in some band called Annie Automatic (??) but that seems like a polite word for “unemployed and living off her Disney residuals.” I spied them strolling around LA looking loved up, take a peek:

Ashley Tisdale and boyfriend Christopher French seen out and about


But the real question: is he hot enough for Ash, who just happens to be BFF with the world’s most drool-worthy boy, Zac Efron. With such sexiness already in her life, can poor Chris stand any chance of delighting A.Tiz?

Actually scratch that–the real question is, WTF is Ashley wearing? Enough questions darling, I want answers…XOXO.


  1. Tizzie Said:

    Ashley was/is so sick in these photos she was even crying in some of them, get well soon babe, and it doesnt matter how he looks, he’s treating her right

  2. Odette Freyre Said:

    like her purse! just that ;)

  3. Andrea Trillo Said:

    OMG 0_o

  4. kate Said:

    she like to dress like high school girl.And the guy, really

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