Ask Gossip Girl: Am I Being Used?

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Dear Gossip Girl,

There’s this guy that I like and he always talks to me and asks me to help him with homework and stuff. He flirts a lot with and other girls, and he calls me “bro”… Does that make me one of the guys now? HELP!

– Hannah

Hanna Honey,

As a master of manipulation myself, I can smell a user a mile away. And I’m afraid that your crush is taking full advantage of your sweet nature and sharp-as-a-tack intellect. A real man wants to take care of you, not the other way around. And if he’s calling you “bro,” either he can’t see you for the sizzling sex goddess you are…or he’s too awkward to express it. Either way, OVER IT.


Gossip Girl


  1. colin Said:

    Hannah must be like : “Wow, that was an eye-opener, now I’m going to kill myself.”

  2. miss_Itu Said:

    Dear Hannoh

    To me clearly the boy sees u as 1 of the guys …he do not respect u for ur kindness and ur friendship.


    Gossip girl

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