Ask Gossip Girl: Should I Ditch My Bad Boy BF?

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Dear Gossip Girl,

C and I have been dating for three years. When I first met him he was this sweet caring guy who spent his free time with his nose in a book. Then, last summer he met this group of friends who were into some really bad stuff. When he came back to school he turned into this complete jerk who was only around me when it’s convenient for him. Now it’s winter break and he doesn’t even waste the effort to pick up the phone like he used to. What do I do?


Darling MLuvz,

If a man can be talked out of a good relationship and into some dangerous antics by his new crew, then he doesn’t have much of a backbone, does he ma cherie? In fact, he doesn’t sound like a man at all, but a poor wittle wussy boy. As hard as it might be to watch him wander down the wrong path, if you stick by his side you may find yourself down that road too. And is any male worth wrecking your future?


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  1. miss_Itu Said:

    Dear MLuvzNYC.
    I think for the fact that he allowed his group of friends to change the person he was just shows you that his actually a peoples pleaser and his not actually the kinda guy you’d really wana spend ur life with…break it off with him and find a person who’s mission in life will only to please u…wink someone out there is dying 4 ur attention


    Gossip girl

  2. Laya Smeeth Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl
    C was my hero he rescued me out of a failing previous relationship and every since then I have been head over heels in love with him. But I fear that I made a huge mistake because C is a total bad boy! He convinces me to always smoke and he is most of the time either suspended from classes or grounded at home. I have tried to talk to him,get him to stop but its of no use. Once I threatened to leave him nd he got pretty mad. I don’t actually think I could ever possibly leave him because I love him too much, but I think he just gets into fights to impress and prove to him that he’s cool. What should I do, I’m worried about his well being and I also don’t ever want to live without him*

  3. miss_Itu Said:

    Dear Laya

    I know that u inlove with him but have u tried to help him in finding the reason he acts up or he feels he should prove his cool.He might be facing a situation and that is why he acts like this…try talking 2 people who know him best might b his parents on 2 how 2 help him but the fact that he mkes u smoke nd do things u not comfortable with just goes 2 show his a bad boy maybe on the other hand it might do u good 2 try nd move on(I know its not easy)…you need 2 focus on yourself just this time be selfish and take time 2 know what u want and if his worth trying 2 chnge…


    Gossip girl

  4. music_lover Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl

    I’ve liked my bf since 6th grade. We finally started dating in September. I haven’t seen him in a month because he was in rehab and idk if I should hold on and give him a second chance. He doesn’t stop getting in trouble and he tells me that he wants to change for me. What should I do? Help

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