Ask Gossip Girl: Dealing With a Guy Friend Who’s in Love With You

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Dear Gossip Girl,

Help! I started dating one of my friends, and he really likes me, but I don’t feel the same way. How do I end the relationship without ending our friendship?


Can’t Help Being Adorable

My Helpless Hottie,

Being fabulous and desirable does in fact have it’s downsides–granted not many–but boys falling in love with you is certainly one of them. I, of course, have had numerous guy pals profess their love for me when, sadly, I can only see them as a friend and last-minute date option.

My advice? Treat him how you yourself would like to be treated if you were on the unlucky end of unrequited love. Explain to him clearly and firmly that you are tres fond of him but there simply isn’t that ripple of chemistry. It’s not his fault, it’s not yours, it simply is in the hands of a very fickle Cupid.

Also tell him that if he needs to take a¬†friendship¬†time-out to let his poor pulverized heart heal (you are hard to get over, obvs) then you understand and will be here when he’s ready to be BFFs once more.


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  1. skyler Said:

    Dear Gossip girl,
    i am really stuck on what i should do ’cause there is this gang of girls who came last year and i really hate them thry come as total loners then this year they think they can rule the school!!! ahhhh how do i get my fame and popularity back with my two betties, it hurts so much we used to rule the school.

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