Ask Gossip Girl: Dealing With an Evil Ex

Dear gossip girl,

I live in a town of about 450 people. I was dating this girl much older than me and not to sound stuck up, but I am one of the most popular people in town, and after our ugly break up she’s trying to turn many of my friends against me. Do I retaliate like Blair would or should I be the bigger person and let her dig her own grave?


Dearest FiiFii,

When it comes to enemies, there are only two options: either ignore them completely as they are mere noise in your A-list atmosphere…or retaliate with such spectacular force—just once—that they are afraid to ever attack you again.

Only you can know whether this beeotch is worth plotting revenge, or if your energy is better spent on a more worthy adversary. But remember love, a reputation is like a Faberge egg—once cracked, it’s impossible to mend.


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  1. Eli Said:

    Dear Gossip Girl,

    Theres one Girl I hate since Freshmen year and I have known her since we were little kids, She is so fake you don’t imagine and sometimes I just want to destroy, she is mean to people I am about to turn Queen B for this one.


  2. V Said:

    Hi I have a friend that tries to be more than so she can be the Queen B! Everyday she isn’t at the school I am the Queen B! I’m not a bad queen like Blair, just a little like every queen, and everyone likes me! She has been so stupid with me! I love her she is my BF but that is making me crazy SHE IS MAKING ME CRAZY! Please help I know you know what to do!

    With love ❤

  3. Otar Said:

    I love you GG!

  4. Kayla Said:

    Hey GG,
    What do you do when you feel like your crush likes your best friend? I haven’t told her or asked about it, but that’s how I feel.. I don’t know what to do.

  5. skyler Said:

    Hai fil fil you should try finding a new lover that would put a sock in her mouth i mean then it shows everyone you are so totally over her and she is so totally not over you….

  6. nina_92 Said:

    Hey GG! I have a crazy ex who moved to texas last year. i live across the country and he wants to get back together. As the Queen B herself once said “Love you once, love you still. Always have, always will.” any clue what to do help!!

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