Love or Loathe: Audrina Patridge’s Zig-Zag Shorts

As you know, minions, I have mixed feelings about “formal shorts” since they run the risk of either looking too casual or strangely costumey, like you’re about to perform a tap recital. But, I must admit that I’m rather impressed with Audrina Patridge’s short story:

audrina patridge


AP accessorized these Missoni-inspired shorts with a simple shirt and shoes, although I would’ve preferred to see a pair of strappy YSL heels instead to balance out the look. But considering her last outfit was straight out of a 90’s junkyard, this is a marked improvement.

Do you like Audrina’s outfit or is she still missing the mark?

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  1. Andrea Said:

    The shorts are cute, but loathe the outfit for the shapeless, no curves no cleavage, look from Audrina. Please, bring back sassy, shapely curves Audrina or at least get a good push up bra to have some kind of celeb style at events! The flattened shapeless look is totally unflattering.

  2. Funny Said:

    i like the combination,but i would only change the flips,maybe with some cute black strapy sandals or even balay flats,but flip flops neveeer!

  3. Samantha Said:

    I love it, expect for her choice of footwear…heels, AP…you heard of them?

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