Austin Mahone Responds to Selena Gomez Romance Rumors

Is he or isn’t he? That’s the question that’s been buzzing in the minds of Mahomies and…uh, Selenators (?) ever since I told you that Austin Mahone was dating Selena Gomez. Could she have finally left bad-news Bieber in her rear view? Alas, darlings, Austin says no…

“We’re just friends,” Austin insisted. “She’s really cool… I mean, I think she’s really pretty but every time I’m in LA, she’s like ‘Hey, you’re in LA, let’s hang out.’ So it’s cool.”

selena gomez austin mahone


Um…OK. I’m reading between the lines here and it seems to me that Austin is implying that Selena is on his tail, not vice versa. Do we think this is true? Can you picture Sel stalking Aussie’s movements every time his jet touches down in sunny SoCal? Or do you think that Austin is just trying to make himself sound oh-so-wanted? If that’s the case darlings, I can think of one Kardashian who would gladly be his arm candy…again.

What’s your take on this whole faux-mance, darlings? If you were Selena, would you be peeved at Austin’s comments? Or did you not believe this entire thing from the start?


  1. Asma Said:

    she’s stalking him :3

  2. kk Said:

    It makes me think what wrong with her thay she needs and always dates guys that are younger than her? Like guys mature slower than girls case and point justin beiber and now shes going for someone who is actually a teenager when shes an adult 4 years older is just sad.

  3. julie Said:

    he’s trying to seem cool cause she’s super famous, and older

  4. ianamary Said:

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