First Listen: Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s Duet

As if the thought of Avril Lavigne marrying creepy Nickelback guy Chad Kroeger wasn’t depressing enough, we now know what song brought them together… and it’s all about a breakup! Ironic, huh? The punk princess and her Ramen-haired hubby sing “Let Me Go” in her newly released track off of her upcoming album. Take a listen (if your ears can handle it):

“After we were together we were both like, ‘Okay, we’re engaged and our duet together is a breakup song.'” Avril said. “It was kind of f—ed up. So we changed it. We rewrote the last chorus to put a twist on it so we end up together. Therefore the message of the song is more the journey of love through one’s life. Obviously I’ve been in other relationships. So it’s like going from one stage in one love into finding the right one. It’s kind of sweet.”

Sweet… or Someone-make-it-stop? Does Chad’s annoying voice ruin the tune completely, or are you feeling like A and her Sk8er Boi will have a happy ending when it comes to making music together? Tell me your thoughts in a comment below!

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  1. Daniel Said:

    Gosh. Avril, please, don’t turn basic.

  2. Berry Said:

    Woww! Nice song! Wish his wedding will be last wedding and get fast the kids haha

  3. Justiemh Said:

    OMFG! its really good i just LOVE IT!!

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