OMG WTF of the Year: Avril Lavigne Engaged to Creepy Nickelback Guy!

There I was last night, listening to Peter and Harry Brant drone on about their new Smythson carryall–as if I haven’t had one for months–thinking that nothing could possibly excite me anymore. And then! My minion reported that Avril Lavigne is not only dating but is engaged to Top Ramen-haired Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger. ?!?! Apparently they met earlier this year when they collaborated on a (clearly awful) song and romance bloomed betwixt these Canadian losers. But, Chad did propose with a whopping 14-carat ring.

avril lavigne chad kroeger


Irritating, irksome and equally fashion challenged, these two are so perfect for each other they make Kim and Kanye look like Flava Flav and Brigitte Neilsen.

How how could Avril Lavigne possibly have gone from walking streak of sex that is Brody Jenner to a guy once voted the Ugliest Man Alive by Maxim magazine?

Is this a match made in douche heaven, darlings? Or will AL go running back to her hot SoCal sk8rboi?



  1. nathansnicely Said:

    I didn’t even know that they were dating.

  2. InTroubles Said:

    I’m just freaking out… I didn’t know who was the guy since now!

  3. EA Said:

    Maybe exist a thing called.. LOVE!

    Anyway, Chad isn’t so ugly! Look at the spot for juno awards, they’re so cute togheter!

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