Barry Watson Cast As Serena’s Love Interest in Season 6

Barry Watson

Photo Credit: WENN

Looks like Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) has a new love interest on Gossip Girl in its sixth and final season. Is this one sent from heaven? Well, we can confirm the actor comes from the old-school family drama 7th Heaven. That’s good enough, right?

Barry Watson who played Matt Camden on the show will join the GG cast as entrepreneur Steven Spence. Will Serena finally find true love with this guy or will he just create more drama for our It Girl?

Tell, us, are you excited that Barry will be on the show, or did you have someone else in mind for Serena?


  1. cristina85 Said:

    Nothing is like Nate and Serena. Their only are the Heaven!!!!

  2. DiandraKhalisha Said:

    yeahhh go serenate!

  3. taaaylor20 Said:

    i think the only good possible love interest for serena is nate. I mean they had such a good connection to each other and i don’t remember serena having that with anyone else,not even dan,so i would love to see them back together.Plus who did serena go to when she needed someone to talk to? NATE. In past seasons i have felt that they have always loved each other and i think they will always love each other.Theres just something about them that makes me want to keep watching and i think most other viewers would since its the final season i think you should just make it that happy love fairy tale that we always wanted for the 2 of them. Plus there everyone’s favorite couple other than blaire and chuck. I dont think a new man for serena is really the best thing because she has known nate a very long time and for a guy to walk in and her fall in love with him is just stupid and it’s not what viewers really want to see. So i would DEFINATLY choose nate and serena. also he looks so old like cyrus old for serena!

  4. Reinaxoxo Said:

    This is last season, pls make our dream come true: SERENATE!
    We, fans, believe in love, and we believe that Nate and Serenate should be together forever!

  5. acne Said:

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