Battle Of The Blondes

TheBlonde_300wideAs someone who also goes by the life motto “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” it’s no surprise I’m obsessed with all things Marilyn Monroe. That’s why I’m thrilled to be diving into the extremely juicy novel The Blonde by New York Times bestselling author Anna Godbersen (you might know her other delicious reads The Luxe and Bright Young Things).

Her debut adult novel is a reinvented tale of Marilyn’s life–what if she was promised the fame and iconic status in exchange for a top secret mission to seduce a handsome young Senator named John F. Kennedy? No one would ever suspect that the most famous and beautiful woman in America is a spy for the Soviet Union, right?

OMFG, darlings. Pick up this book!

In honor of this book’s birthday, I thought it’d be fun to celebrate by taking a look at some of our favorite blondes in Hollywood right now. Will any of these ladies even come close to Marilyn’s iconic status? Take a look at the contenders below and vote for your favorite blonde! XOXO

Blake Lively

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Taylor Swift

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Lauren Conrad

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Miley Cyrus

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Kristen Bell

Photo Credit:

Ashley Benson

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Carrie Underwood

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Jessica Simpson

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Cara Delevingne

Photo Credit: Rob Rich/

Hayden Panettiere

Photo Credit:

Dianna Agron

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Rita Ora

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Jennifer Lawrence

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Taylor Momsen

Photo Credit: WENN

Chloe Grace Moretz

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Who Is The Ultimate Blonde Bombshell?

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Read an excerpt from The Blonde featuring Marilyn Monroe below!

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  1. Kristina Said:

    Is there really anyone in Hollywood that compares to Iconicness of Blakes Beauty???? My favorite Celeb is Ariana Grande but even she doesnt hold a candle to Blake. Blake is GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. Anna Said:

    Candice Accola should be on this list

  3. Kelly Said:

    What about the gorgeous Sarah Michelle Gellar?

  4. swati Kujur Said:

    Miley at her best!!! love what she has done with her hair!!!

  5. Sam Said:

    You forgot Candice Swanepoel. She IS the ultimate blonde.

  6. Genessa Said:

    I can’t believe Christina Aguilera isn’t on here! She’s always been the most beautiful blonde! Though I do love half of the women in this lineup.

  7. Lisa Said:

    Where’s EMMA STONE?!

    I guess i’d vote for Blake Lively out of everyone on the list..

  8. Justine Said:

    Where is Amber Heard ?

  9. Anonymous Said:

    Scarlett johansson

  10. Christina Said:

    What about Kate Upton?

  11. candice cantere Said:

    blake lively ?? oh please !! it should be ash benson she’s just the human perfection

  12. JJ Said:

    And where the hell is

  13. Sarah Johnson Said:

    Blake is always top blonde with her grace and poise but I’m glad Taylor Swift is up there too.

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