(Almost) OMFGorgeous: Bella Thorne

I spied Disney darling Bella Thorne at the premiere of Blended, that awful looking Adam Sandler movie (yes, to be fair, I know they’re all awful…) At first glance, I was about to give her two perfectly manicured thumbs up for her blush pink Zac Posen gown. The chiffon dress was about the only elegant thing at this event–I mean, there was a guy with a baseball hat and jeans on the red carpet for goodness’ sakes! I thought Bell did a great job adding a touch of class to what we all knew was going to be a tacky fest.

And despite the fact this looks like one of those J.Crew bridesmaid dresses that everyone pins on Pinterest, I liked it. Although I would have loved to see a statement necklace to break up the monotony of the pale gown.

But what do you think, darlings? Was she the Bella of the ball (sorry, had to), or would another dress have suited this event better?

Bella Thorne "Blended" - Los Angeles Premiere


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  1. kylie Said:

    i think she looks absolutely beautiful, def the bella of the ball xx

  2. Alexa Said:

    Thank God she finally grew out those bangs!

  3. Lara Jon Said:

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