Hot Mess: Bella Thorne’s Colorful Dreadlocks

It’s pretty obvious that fashion runways are totally different from the ones you see at airports. One of the major reasons? Not all the looks showcased on a fashion runway take off. But it’s always amusing when a celeb tries their hardest to land it.

Case in point, Bella Thorne, who copied a look from the Fall 2014 Chanel Runway. The Shake It Up star was spotted at the Nintendo event at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday with a ponytail that resembled a few of the models’ hairstyles at the pop-art-inspired show. No, no, she couldn’t have been inspired by the beautiful tweedy coats or some of the classic jewelry that the models wore. She chose this:

I adore Chanel, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in this hairstyle. But, what say you, minions? Do you agree with me that this look is supposed to stay on the runway, or do you foresee it having a long flight in the world of trends?

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  1. Riri Said:

    She got your attention, must t be doing something right!?

  2. Amy Said:

    that is really ugly.

  3. Emily Said:

    I see it becoming a trend…probably more so with braids and hair color inspired by the look than with actual dreads and scraps of fabric. You’ve got to admit, it’s a lot easier to pull off than some of Karl’s previous runway hairstyles. Kudos to Bella for trying something so different!

  4. S Said:

    I love the hair but not on her!! This look is not for her.

  5. Boom Smash! Said:

    Bella’s usually beautiful…. WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Why would people like dreadlocks all they seem to give you is dread… Sorry little B but how are you gonna become a Queen B like that?

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