Bella Thorne: Blake Lively Is My Girl Crush!

There are a few things we know for sure about Blended star and relentless attention-seeker Bella Thorne. One, she’s 16. Two, she’ll go to literally any event where someone has a camera, and three, she’s desperate to be the next big thing.

I mean just look at how practiced her pose was yesterday at a signing event for her new Seventeen mag cover.

Bella Thorne Seventeen Magazine Cover Celebration


I can’t even imagine how many hours it took in front of the mirror to nail this skinny-yet-oh-so-casual stance. Too bad she didn’t spend a bit of that time on her hair.

But, as smug and eye-roll inducing as I do find Bel, I must say she has stellar taste in girl crushes. When asked who was her biggest inspiration, BT cited BL.

“Besides my mom…I find Blake Lively really inspiring and beautiful,” she said.

blake lively Cannes Film Festival - 'Mr Turner' - Premiere


Well finally something we can agree on, Bella. Although I can see shades of Blake’s style in Bella’s own outfits, I just find Bella way too self-congratulatory and absorbed to ever dethrone Queen B. What I love most about Blake is how gracious she is, and how she manages to be both glam and down-to-earth at the same time.

Do you think Bella will grow into B 2.0 or can no one replace the Queen B?


  1. Ever Said:

    Bella just cannot be the next Queen… Eventhough she finds BL inspiring she just cant compete with her!
    Sorry Bella but i think you missed this one…

  2. R Said:

    She can never replace Queen B. She could try anything but she’s just another Disney girl who wants to be in the center of attention.

  3. Kimk Said:

    Bella is just ugly and she wont like ever take blake’s place

  4. Boom Smash! Said:

    Bella can so totally beat her. I mean ilove serena but not BL because Bella Thorne is sooo much bettr i mean even her style is better!!!!!

  5. Kristina Said:

    I have my celeb loves too Boom Smash! but as much as I may love them I KNOW and could NEVER even imagine ANY of them beating out the beauty and grace that is Blake Lively! Sorry Bella! Be pretty in your own unique way. Dont try to be anyone else

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  7. Liz Said:

    Again, who is this 26-year-old-looking girl?

  8. Kalisha Said:

    What is all this hate on bella for? You just sound like you really hate her or jealous of her. The pathetic little comments about her are very stupid. Go back to being proper gossip girl, not a child version. If you want to say something bad about her slate her about the outfit or her acting not call her attention seeking. This doesn’t sound like a gossip girl blast but more like a comment on instagram from a 10 year old girl. Sort it out gg.

  9. Alexandra Said:

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks bella thorne is annoying.. she’s got nothing on Blake lively!

  10. blabla Said:

    noone can be like blake

  11. Leo Said:


  12. Claire Said:

    There’s something about Bella Thorne that I find that she has to be over the top and not down to earth UNLIKE Blake Lively who can look graceful & fascinating but has the personality of someone who is down to earth and naturally beautiful <333

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