OMFGorgeous! My Favorite Looks at the Met Gala

The Met Gala is literally my favorite night of the year. So many pretty dresses and pretty people–what’s not to love?

I brought you a brief recap of who wore what and let you form your own decisions on the fashion, but now it’s time to name my top looks. Who got my kiss of approval? I bet you’ll be just as shocked as I am at the list. XOXO

Hayden Panettiere

This may be my favorite look of the night, darlings. Hayden’s high-drama pastel gown by Dennis Basso is absolutely flawless and perfect for the springtime soiree. Plus, despite being a dramatic gown, it doesn’t overwhelm Hayden’s small frame, and she wisely kept her makeup fresh and soft to complement the gown’s color palette. Are you as in love with this look as I am?

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

Blake Lively

In a word: perfection. Of course. The Gucci spokeswoman went with a Gucci Premiere gown as expected, but I must admit that I didn’t forsee her looking this stellar. Silly me, darlings. The blush color gown can be hit or miss on blondes, but it’s the perfect shade for her skin tone and the overall look is the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. I could have done without the chiffon trains though, but still, B is so beautiful, she could’ve added a pirate hat and still been the belle of the ball.

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

Suki Waterhouse

One doesn’t often think of Burberry and red carpet gowns in the same sentence, but the fashion house proved that it can do dresses just as well as plaids with this ruffled confection. I love love love this gown, although I’m not crazy about how the bust area fits the lithe little model. However, I imagine that in person, the colors in this confection were stunning and therefore I’m giving it a thumbs up. Your thoughts, darlings?

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

Karolina Kurkova

When I daydream, darlings, it’s a closet full of Marchesa gowns that I’m imagining. And it appears that supermodel Karolina got to live out my fantasy in this masterpiece with a painterly floral print that seems like it was plucked off the walls of a museum and draped around Karolina. The gown is dramatic and complex without looking busy or overdone, as only Marchesa can do.

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

Leighton Meester

While most stars opted for a strapless sculptural look to complement the evening’s Charles James theme, lovely Leighton bucked the trend with a studded long-sleeved Pucci confection. It’s certainly a more casual silhouette but it works thanks to the gilded fabric and metallic details. But did you expect anything less from the Queen?

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

Lea Michele

As you know, I do not care for Lea Michele, so I am reluctant to compliment her. However, even I cannot deny that her gold Altazurra dress is a breath of fresh, gilded, glittering air. Just like Leighton, Lea took a chance on a non-poufy sculptural gown and the result was fabulous. It was a bold move to pair a solid gold gown with matchy-matchy shoes and clutch, but I rather like it. So soak it in Lea, this is most likely the only compliment I’ll pay you all year…

Photo Credit: Rob Rich/

Kim Kardashian

If I am merely reluctant to compliment Lea Michele, imagine how much it pains me to admit that Kim Kardashian made my Best Dressed list! What’s happening to me?! But yes darlings, I concede that KK’s Ricardo Tisci dress is sexy, sultry and yet tres sophisticated—a welcome change from that floral couch cover she wore last year. Shudder. Rumor has it that Tisci will be designing her wedding dress. Let’s hope that for once, the rumors about Kim are true…

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

Olivia Munn

Yellow is one of my least favorite colors—it flatters so few skin tones, you know—but Olivia pulled it off with aplomb! I adore her Diane von Furstenberg gown and yes, even the ultra-plunging neckline despite some of my minions clucking that she was showing too much cleavage for such a high fashion event. What’s your take—do you think skin is in or should she have covered up for the Met Gala?

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

Karlie Kloss

I thoroughly enjoy her baroque Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014 gown with it’s lamé cloqué and feathered embroidery. Yes, it’s a serious and sophisticated look for such a young spunky model, but given the theme of the ball, this gown fit in perfectly.

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

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  1. 246 Said:

    Where was Rihanna? i thought her outfit was stunning.

  2. Sabah Said:

    Leighton and Blake looked amazing. Both stunning actresses in their own right!!

  3. V Said:

    Kim Kardashian wasn’t wearing Ricardo Tisci, she was wearing Lanvin. Get your facts straight before you publish something.

  4. nancy Said:

    leighton n blaKe … WOW *_*
    STUNNING DRESSES !!! lov em :*

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