It’s Official: Beyonce & Jay Z Are The Ultimate Power Couple

Bow down to Beyonce and Jay Z because it’s just been announced that they’re the ultimate power couple, according to Forbes. The money mag listed the two as the highest earning celebrity couple between June 2012 and June 2013. And are you ready for the biggie? They reportedly raked in $95 million in just one year. I love my mom and dad‘s bank account, but I will totally admit to being a teensy bit jealous of that kind of fortune.

According to the mag, Jay Z’s recent tour brought in $1.4 million per night while Beyonce’s tour grossed around $2 million per night (go, girl!) They’ve also got side projects that include Jay Z’s sports agency and Bey’s fragrance and clothing line.

The two may be one of the hardest working couples when it comes to jobs, but I hear they also work hard at their relationship too. I mean, just look at these adorable pictures of the two of them…

Grammy Goodness

Photo Credit: WENN

In Love at the Inauguration

Photo Credit: WENN

Flirting at the French Open

Photo Credit: WENN

Sweet Family Vacay

Photo Credit: WENN

So Happy At the MTV European Music Awards

Photo Credit: WENN

Passionate in Paris

Photo Credit: WENN

Does this make you inspired to be on that list with your significant other next year, or are you perfectly fine just the way you are?


  1. margritte Said:

    Before reading.. l was like.. I’m sure it’s, Jay-Z & Beyonce.. They are magnetic!!

  2. MJ Said:

    THEY RULE!!!! <3

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