Beyoncé Gets Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Exhibit

We get it Beyoncé: you’re the queen of everything you do. Whether it’s slaying it with a surprise release album (that just keeps racking up awards), being the most powerful person in entertainment, outdoing the rest of us in charitable pursuits or living a perfect Instagram life, you win. At everything. Not even worth questioning.

James Devaney/GC Images

What I will question, though, is Beyoncé’s takeover of the Legends of Rock section at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This particular section had previously only been reserved for Hall of Fame Inductees, and Beyoncé isn’t even eligible to be a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee until 2027 as a solo artist (or 2022 with Destiny’s Child…but let’s be real here). I’m not about to start a protest at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because Occupy Cleveland sounds all sorts of terrible, but I do hate when rules are broken.

Technicalities aside, the exhibit does sound pretty amazing. Beyoncé has leant some of her top outfits to display, including her “Single Ladies” leotard, the Givenchy gown she wore to the Met Gala in 2012, some cutoff jean shorts from the “Crazy in Love” video (though don’t use this as an excuse to start wearing jorts) and the getup she wore during the 2013 Super Bowl. While I’m more of a MET or Louvre sort of gal, the exhibit does sound almost worth making the voyage to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Almost. 

What do you think, dolls? Will you be lining up in Cleveland to see some of Beyoncé’s famed wardrobe? Or are you more up in arms about this rule bend than you are about someone trying to make off-white shoes after Labor Day happen?


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