BFF Alert: Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence?

Napoleon once said that secrets travel fast in Paris. But Gossip Girl travels faster. Bisou bisou.

Paris Fashion Week is here, and as I sit front row, I am usually delighted (but sometimes confused) at some of the things paired together in outfits on the runway. The same holds true as I people-watch as celebrities frolic around town with new friends. Usually delighted, but in this case, puzzled, I spied Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence at dinner in the City of Light.

RiRi tweeted the pic, captioning it: “Bumped into the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence at dinner! #Paris”

I don’t really get this friendship, but the girls do look really happy together. Do you think they have anything in common besides being famous?

rihanna jennifer lawrence



  1. Ravynn Said:

    No – leave Jennifer alone!!

  2. Muni Said:

    They like trees :)

  3. Jenny‚ô• Said:

    Yeah, but it doesn’t mean that they r best friends. :PP

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