Blair vs. Serena: The Best Fights of Each Season

Photo Credit: The CW

Drama between Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen isn’t that unusual, especially when it comes to upstaging the other. Since Season 1, Queen B and S have proven that they’re ready to fight for their place at the top of the Upper East Side social pyramid. From hair pulling to pushing each other into a fountain to words that cut like knives, Serena and Blair don’t hold back when it comes to a fight.

Check out the gallery below to see the best fight from each season. Which fight do you think was the biggest?

Season 1 - Poison Ivy

Queen B was used to the spotlight back in Season 1 while S was MIA. But, with the return of Serena came the return of drama. In this infamous lacrosse brawl from Season 1, B and S get into it over Nate. Photo Credit: The CW

Season 2 - The Serena Also Rises

When Eleanor Waldorf favors Serena over Blair, tensions run high, climaxing during Eleanor’s fashion show. Although this fight doesn’t come to actual physical violence, Serena cuts Blair down to size, telling her that she is no longer going to hold herself back for fear of outshining her “BFF” Photo Credit: The CW

Season 3 - New Haven Can Wait

Once again, Blair feels overshadowed by her would-be bestie Serena. At a Yale event, a jealous Blair brings up a dark secret from Serena’s past (remember that dead guy Pete?) and the two girls get into a major catfight. Photo Credit: The CW

Season 4 - Belles de Jour

So it sorta seemed like the besties were getting along (finally) and were together adventuring through Paris with tres petite drama. However, the calm always comes before the storm, and after a heated argument, Serena finds herself in the fountain. Oh yeah, and Blair’s the one that pushed her in. Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Season 5 - Cross Rhodes

Most recently, it seems, drama for S and B has been over Dan. Who would have though that Lonely Boy would be so desirable to the Upper East Side queens? Photo Credit: The CW



Don’t see your favorite fight? Leave a comment sharing your favorite Blair vs. Serena moment!



  1. miss_Itu Said:

    Lol girls will always be girls…amazing how they friendship is always based on who is right nd who makes they point …

  2. fairyella Said:

    i dont even get why they’re still friends. blair made a good decision kicking serena out last night. serena seriously went down a bad path…

  3. esLGG Said:

    i hate the fights between serena and blair!!! but i also thinks it isn’t all serena fault about that diary posting from GG. blair did hurt serena.
    but i’m also at mad at serena because for copying that page of blair’s diary they are private!!!

  4. PeuqueLucero Said:

    they share all their boyfriends, why they wouldnt fight?

  5. cheap oakley sunglasses from china Said:

    I have been wanting to try wool applique and this block looks like a great one to try it on, I do LOVE doing redwork, too.

  6. Pauline Said:

    I still temember those moments when serena and blair!are pretty funny…:D

  7. Pauline Said:

    I still remember those moments when serena and blair!are pretty funny…:D

  8. Abigail Ben Said:

    Blair is always blame serena for everything even its not her fault,meanwhile serena does everything to please her, I like the step she took to prove to her that though she bends to her will does not mean that she is stupid, I like her for that.

  9. ggalltheway Said:

    First of all most of the fights are from blair’s pettiness but they missed out the best fight! the fake one on the fashion week that was the showdown for juliet!

  10. Anonymous Said:

    I absolutely love Gossip Girl I cracked up when they found out were Juleit Was omg ! That was too funny she gave them an adress and said “Find The Bitch” Lmao

  11. kyra Said:

    i thought the field hockey one was the funniest out of all of them and the one about yale was pretty funny too. I laugh everytime i watch those scenes. But i think the worst was the yale one it was kinda of rude of Serena to show up at yale. And it was also rude of Blair to bring up pete. Serena told her that for a reason and it was kinda rude of Blair to use it as a game.

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