You Can Own Blair Waldorf’s Headbands… for $4,000!


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Put this on your Christmas wish list, dolls. If you love Blair Waldorf‘s (Leighton Meester) headbands on Gossip Girl, you can actually get your pretty little hands on them! Accessories designer Jennifer Behr is offering a limited-edition headband gift set featuring eight of the handmade designs worn by the Queen B herself. If you have $4,000 lying around, this set can be yours!

Check out the full description of the set below:

For the ultimate Gossip Girl devotee, we are offering an exclusive gift set including the 8 headbands on this page (the neon orchid headband, the large bubble stud headwrap, the victoria crystal and silk satin headwrap, the double crystal scallop headwrap, the double rosette headwrap, the rosette headwrap, the vintage gold knot headwrap, and the Arielle headband) and also including the infamous Queen B headband. Blair relinquished power at Constance by passing the Queen B headband on to Jenny Humphrey in the Season 3 Finale. This headband creates a stunning chunky halo of modern sparkle, and is only available when purchased with the Limited Edition Blair Waldorf Gift Set. All pieces are handmade in New York City.

Do you want this set or would you rather use Blair as an inspiration and pick and choose your own headband styles? Tell us in a comment below!


  1. reveloin Said:

    I’m Queen B at my school. And I would love to have these headbands . Anyone wanna give me 4,000 dollars ?

  2. DaniRojt Said:

    Simple. I am a real Queen B and i love fashion and headbands like Blair does. These headbands are gorgeous!
    xoxo, D

  3. Blair_Bass Said:

    They are going to be mine! Well as a Queen B. I deserve to have Blair’s headbands. BTW I adore them, XOXO<3

  4. Blair.Bass Said:

    i love Blair and her headbands. i am not a queen B, but i am trying to be. Blair is my rolmodel and i always have wanted to be like her. the hedbends wil help me getting what i want and help me to be gueen. so plis i Want this hedbends and yhry are going to be mine.BTW i love GG<3

  5. Kate Said:

    Girls, who wrote before me, you are so funny because you will never be Blair Waldorf

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