Video: Blake Lively Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Leave it to Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively to be the bell of the ball any place she goes. When the It Girl steps onto the red carpet, all eyes go on her. She recently shared a few of her fashion and beauty secrets in a new interview. Check out some highlights below and then watch the full video to find out what else she revealed:

On Red Carpet Style - “I always want to wear things that my kids will look back on and say,  ‘Mom, that’s amazing! Why didn’t you keep that?!’ not like, ‘I can’t believe you wore that. You’re embarrassing me so much.”

On Her Amazing Hair - “I’m actually a pretty shy person by nature so it’s very much a safety net for me. I love to have my hair down and full, and I always like it to look really relaxed. Often times you see people on the red carpet with very structured hair and to me that just makes me feel very stiff and uncomfortable.”

On How She Gets Her Hair To Look Like That - “I’ll dry it to where it’s still a little bit wet and then put it in a ballerina bun and then when I take it down, it has a nice natural wave.”

Watch the full video below:


  1. serenavanderwoodsen223 Said:


  2. frank jones Said:

    My fave beauty secret will always be white strips. has them on sale 10% off with promo code OralCare!!

  3. Zeina Said:

    Blakee my birthday wish this tear was to one day meet you i hope your reading this but i really would like to meet you dont worry im a crazy fan of yours but not as crazy as you think love you xx

  4. Steph Said:

    Love your show!!!

  5. Arthur Said:

    She is my favorite girl

  6. SpaghettiSNARFLER Said:

    Hey do they make a bigger blood diamond? Green lantern sucked. sorry sweetheart.

  7. McDooperPoopLawnGorfler Said:

    So did SAVAGES. I think they named it after your ring.

  8. MARIA CUAN Said:

    she is perfect what can I say

  9. Nora Said:

    I looooveeee blake!! she is beautiful!!!!!! so amazing

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  11. Zeina Said:

    blake your my idol

  12. Gossip Girls minion Said:

    OMG! I love queen B! She is AMAZING! And so sweet. I actually wanna meet her! <3
    Xoxo G.G minion <3

  13. lill3 Said:

    blake, i´m your biggest fan
    love you

  14. GG Said:

    Who knows if the real gg come back one day? I acctually think most of you wants more of me…. You know you love me XOXO GOSSIP GIRL

  15. Robyn Oyku Said:

    Whatever. She is beautiful anyway.

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