Love or Loathe: Blake Lively in Chanel

Just yesterday I was boasting about how our favorite It Girl Blake Lively was ruling the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. My darlings, what a difference a day makes.¬†Today’s style is far more questionable…

blake lively Cannes Film Festival - 'Mr Turner' - Premiere


B donned an iridescent, ankle-length, tulle-infused Chanel gown to the premiere of Mr. Turner¬†and I’ll just come right out and say it–I hate this dress. I truly, truly do. Even aside from the iridescent sparkles–which I loathe–there is just SO much going on with this garment. The bodice looks like an ice skating and/or pageant ensemble and while the skirt is draped well, there’s just too much sparkle going on. It looks like a hologram sticker. If this gown had been pure white and a little less ruffly, it would’ve been a hit.

But, true to form, B still looks luminous and works it as best she can, keeping her shoes simple and hair and makeup sexy and unfussy.

Perhaps this gown glittered in a fetching way IRL but in 2D it’s just a strange, too busy mess. Do you think that this dress could’ve used some editing by the designers or is it crazy in a fun way?

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  1. Cyn Said:

    She looks like a Barbie!!! <3 She's gorgeous!!

  2. Eugenia Said:

    She looks gorgeous, but what an awful dress.

  3. Samantha Said:

    Very unique dress I thought! Maybe Black Lively wants to try something differnt?!? Who knows!

  4. Riz Said:

    Gorgeous as always. But the bottom of the dress feels a little ‘off’. Then again, if people don’t trust the works of Lady Coco then they will definitely not trust little me pulling my casual no-no’s from the closet.

  5. Tess Said:

    The length is really off. If it was a floor length gown, minus the pockets and boob ruffles I think it would have been a lot nicer. Still not amazing but nicer.

  6. Kait Said:

    First Off,B what the hell are you wearing like you have fab style everywhere, anywhere , you are drop dead gorgeous, and now you wear something like this , don’t get me wrong it has some good qualities the color and sparkle and also the top of it but that bottom ? where did that come from , just no no darling , but your shoes and hair look amazing , I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you made a big fashion mistake but I hope you won’t in the near future , still love you , It Girl !!

  7. Audrey Said:

    I LOVE it! Gorgeous dress! Beautiful lady! :D

  8. Mariam Said:

    I have to say I think she looks amazing ! The dress is different ! I think if the dress was on someone else it wouldn’t look so great, however she pulls it off in my eyes. Blake lively still killing it for me !

  9. Steph Said:

    She still looks unbelievably gorgeous even though the dress looks like the inside of a snow globe. How does she do it??

  10. Addy Said:

    She looks stunning but I have to admit I’m not a fan of the bottom half of the dress. Needless to say, B looks like a Snow Queen in this attire.

  11. Ivy Said:

    she looks divine! and i actually think the dress was a good choice., It is very daring and different but again she styled perfectly and she is the only one who could possibly pull it off!
    her looks at Cannes are diversified and all just Divine!

  12. Chloe Said:

    She looks stunning! It’s good to see her taking risks with what she wears. Looks like Blake has caught Frozen fever as well!

  13. delphine Said:

    wow she looks gorgeous with that fake smile xoxo

  14. Megan Said:

    She looks amazing in anything she wears! It’s different but different is good, especially when it’s coco Chanel

  15. Alexia Said:

    She is a gorgeous woman, but what in the world that dress is dire. Chanel? More like DEB.

  16. Renee Said:

    Wow? I like the idea but I do not like that dress at all! First, It just doesn’t fit her right. The straps are too wide and do not fit her frame at all. The middle section and the pockets are just random and pointless. Is it suppose to look like plaid on the bottom?! The texture and sparkle: Good, on any dress style other than this one. If this was a simple sheath dress or ballgown in that color/sparkle it would have been great. She looks very pretty; The dress is horrible. Everyone makes mist

  17. Sarah Johnson Said:

    I love her bold choice. Blake can rock anything.

  18. Yoggyk Said:

    Wow… i hate the fact that she still looking great in that messed up dress, she is beautiful and her curves are like so omg, is not my B fav but she is still rocking on it.

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