Blake Lively’s SNL Moments

Every now and then, one will LOL at something on Gossip Girl. Even though the show is mostly filled with drama and suspense, sometimes you’ll catch a witty line that will make you laugh so hard you choke on your champagne.

And the cast is pretty funny IRL, some even doing comedy side projects. In the spirit of Saturday Night Live being back on the air for a new season, we decided to look back on Blake Lively‘s moments, in particular, on the show. Remember when she hosted back in 2009? Check out some clips from that episode (including the classic Gossip Girl Staten Island sketch) as well as some of her one-off appearances on the famous Digital Shorts!

Blake Lively’s SNL Monologue:

Gossip Girl Staten Island Sketch:

SNL Digital Short “I Just Had Sex” cameo (also featuring Jessica Alba):

SNL Digital Short “Hey” (Murray Hill) cameo (also featuring James Franco):

Which other Gossip Girl star(s) would you like to see make an appearance on SNL? Tell us in a comment below!


  1. tobl97 Said:

    Blair Waldorf!

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