Gasp! Blake Lively Wants 30 Children

“I’ve always wanted a big family . . . Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could.” – Newly married Blake Lively talked about her desire to have lots of babies one day in the October issue of Allure. While I’m all for Blake and Ryan Reynolds procreating (yes, it’s obvious their children will be OMFGorgeous…), I’m not quite convinced that our starlet is ready for the life of a soccer mom. Although, if it does happen, she’ll definitely be the best dressed at the PTA meetings (I mean, if you consider that a thing….)

Do you think Blake should start working on her big family right now or would you rather she hold off a few years? Tell me in a comment below.


Photo Credit: Allure


  1. sticksandstones Said:

    Gosh 30!Of course i’d rather her to hold off at least 3 years. Can’t everyone be a Heidi Klum!

  2. putrifitria Said:

    She have to hold Off a few years..

  3. ggada Said:

    if a few is 3-4 years then that’s OK i guess,a mom?hmm that will be interesting..still love her though..♥

  4. psychokiller Said:

    She should definitely hold off a few years before being a mom. She should enjoy being a wife first. Not that she can’t be a wife when she already has kids.

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