Daily Drool: Bob Morley Reading The 100

There’s something very sexy about a man who likes to read books. It shows he’s smart, cultured, and loves good stories as much as I do. That’s why I’ve chosen actor Bob Morley as today’s Daily Drool.

You’ll see this pretty face a lot more when his new TV show The 100 premieres on The CW in the mid-season lineup (hence, why he’s reading the book by Kass Morgan in the pic below). Fun fact: the series is by Alloy Entertainment– the creators of Gossip Girl. It takes place in a little bit of a different setting than the Upper East Side (a post-apocalyptic earth, to be exact), but it still has all the drama–and beautiful people–that you love so much.

You can catch Bob playing Bellamy Black this winter. And the book is coming out Sept. 3! Click here to read an excerpt.

bob morely

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Tell me, dolls–are you just as turned on as I am by guys who appreciate the power of the written word?


  1. Denise Said:

    Oh yes! Like they say, brainy is the new sexy!

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