Fashion Don’t: Britney Spears’ Blunt Bangs

I spied Britney Spears rocking a new set of blunt bangs on the X Factor, but I don’t think this new look is working out for our favorite little poptart.

While bangs may be the new It trend on Hollywood’s chicest heads, it’s not a look that just anyone can pull off. Thick hair is an absolute must and Brit’s fine locks just aren’t cutting it. Also, the bangs need to be taken from high on the head, not straight across like B’s.

For an example of a bang do, check out Taylor Swift’s fringe. Not too long, not too whispy, T’s thick hair lends itself perfectly to bangs.

Taylor Swift Wearing Red



  1. ggada Said:

    Tay <3 Britt <//3

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