WTF Alert: Britney Spears Dines and Dashes

I’ve witnessed my fair share of VIPs stiffing their waitress on the tip, but rarely do they risk the bad publicity of skipping the check altogether. Britney Spears, on the other hand, fully dined and dashed at The Cheesecake Factory this week! Brit Brit was out with boyfriend David Lucado, and left their $30 bill unpaid as they exited.

I’m not sure which is more embarrassing about Brit’s dine and dash: the fact that she forgot to pay the check, or the fact that she was at The Cheesecake Factory to begin with. On a date. And it’s definitely not a rare occurrence. According to a statement The Cheesecake Factory made to Page 6, “Britney dines in our restaurants quite often and is a wonderful guest. We know that this was just an honest mistake.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lord knows B has indulged in her share of icky chain restaurant food in her day, but usually of the take out and bolt variety. What’s next: TGIFridays? Red Robbin? A really fancy dinner at The Olive Garden? Chain restaurants are for commoners, Brit: dine like the pop princess you are at a respectable hotspot, or with a private chef.

Let me cleanse my palate of all things laminated menu and get back on topic. Apparently, the whole dine and dash was a miscommunication in which Britney thought her bodyguard was leaving the cash. Brit later went back to rectify the situation, and left a massive tip in doing so.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this whole mess, minions, it’s to pay the bill or risk your chain food habits being revealed. XOXO


  1. Joanna Said:

    What’s wrong with you GG? Can’t B or any other celebrity dine out like a normal person and wherever they wish to? Jesus Christ.

  2. Liz Russell Said:

    You need to take an unfathomable amounts of seats. That rich bitch will eat where she chooses and won’t have even the smallest fraction of a thought, to even care, about what you say about it. lmao! This page is lame. #unfollowing ←←thanks a bunch!

  3. Jenna Said:

    Where do you eat, Gossip Girl? For someone who knew when writing the article that it was an honest mistake, you sure are being judgemental. It’s not like Britney Spears weighs 300 pounds. She burns that sh** off, get a clue, and find a deeper meaning to life because if this is what you regularly do, it’s pathetic. PS. I’m not even a fan of Britney (was when I was a teen). Respect her as a human being, though.

  4. Renee Said:

    Youre lame GG. Who is your targeted audience again? Oh yeah, middle class who eat at places like Cheesecake Factory. I can tell you right now that no one on the “upper eastside” reads your articles.

  5. Steffi Said:

    Whts wrong with eating anywhere she is rich she doesn’t have to impress any1….n thts not nice tryna bad tlk middle class ppl who do U think reads ur articles….rich ppl?

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