Britney Spears Hearts Justin Timberlake(‘s Song)

My heart skipped a beat when I heard that Britney Spears was paying compliments to Justin Timberlake (her one one true love, in my opinion). While both have moved on from what was definitely the most exciting relationship of their lives, there’s always a glimmer of hope that they’d rekindle what they had. (And before you accuse me of promoting homewrecking, I must clarify that I mean no harm to Jessica Biel, but if she and JT had to breakup, I’d hope he’d run to Britney… so sue me).

Britney Spears Justin Timberlake


Brit Brit recently confessed that her favorite song right now belongs to her ex. “I really like Justin Timberlake’s ‘Holy Grail,'” she said during a recent interview.  “I like that song. I think it’s mystical.”

And as my minion Jonathan pointed out in a comment recently, Britney’s song “Criminal” features the lyrics “he’s got my name tattooed on his arm his lucky charm”… meanwhile Justin’s “Holy Grail” says, “I’ve got it tattooed on my sleeve forever in ink with guess whose name”…Could these two sending secret messages back and forth to each other?

Oh, please let this turn into something more than just my fantasy!

What do you think, dolls? Is there something going on between them, or are we all just looking into it too much in hopes that it’s actually true? Tell me your thoughts in a comment below!


  1. Alex Said:

    “Holy Grail” isn’t a love song though. It’s very much a song about the love/hate relationship with fame. Once you know that, all the lyrics of the song make a lot more sense. So I don’t think there’s a connection between that song and any song of Brit’s.

  2. Vale Said:

    Britney and Juatin CAN’T be back!!
    They don’t belong each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gwyneth Said:

    I will always be rooting for them to get back together. ALWAYS no offence to Jessica and whoever Britney is with. I think they belong


  4. Vale Said:

    that’s just crap that people say when they’re boring and have nothing else to do… go find a life

  5. Giselle Said:

    But does Justin Have a tattoo of Britney on his arm? Or this is just methaforical?

  6. Vale Said:

    no, he doesn’t

  7. Elise Said:

    Because Britney Spears totally writes her own lyrics.

  8. Ezgi Said:

    Hey I have more gossip!! Britney Spears had a song called everytime that was about her break up with justin and the lyrics went something like “everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small”

    In Justin’s new album the last song called not a bad thing ends after 4 minutes and after a pause of silence a secret hidden song starts called pair of wings. And the lyrics to that are like “if I had a pair of wings I’d pick you up to some place away from here”

    It’s a response!! :)

  9. Angela Said:

    I’m not big on gossip, but I do know that my mom make me poop every two hour and it really don’t help me with my necrophilia. I know Meema love me but it really hard being forced to poop when I don’t have to. The problem is, she don’t let me out of the bathroom until I poo, so I start thinking of dead people poo so I get really sexual and get off the toilet and say sexual thing.

    Meema say that my sister should take all my clothe and rip them so I can’t wear clothe anymore. Meema!

  10. Jen Said:

    Yes. Read through all their lyrics and you will see similar phrases, words, and themes. Also Britney has a song called Mystic man, and she said the song Holy Grail was “mystical.” I do believe they are responding to each other through their music. Just look through all the lyrics and you’ll be pretty much convinced. I realize that these artists dont’ write all their music, but they know exactly what goes on their albums, that is for sure.

  11. Josie Said:

    See also: Britney’s song Alien and Justin’s song Spaceship Coupe. In Conjunction his song Big Old Pair of Wings says he’d fly her up to the sky, where the stars are so clear. Relate that also to Alien.
    Now having said that, his voice on this song-Pair of Wings- sounds authentic, heartfelt, and perfectly beautiful.

  12. poop head Said:

    why don’t you all just go and sleep, worry about your own life and just mind your own business. bunch of fools.

  13. poop head Said:

    your all a bunch of jack o’s,

  14. anonymous Said:

    I have had a wrong perception about Britney before. But now, I like her. I think their past love was beautiful and pure. First love is indeed hard to forget, and will remain in your heart. This is just my opinion. I think they still like/love each other and still have the memories of each other. But the pathway of their lives brings them to meet kind and loving people who help them heal their wounds. They could not just refuse to love these persons.

  15. anonymous Said:

    I think at the end of the day, their love still live in their hearts. They could not tell it to the world, maybe? They could just sing it in their songs. I think both of them are unsure what the other one of them feels about them. JT’s songs are of realism and sometimes kinda like explaining something or letting out emotions. And Britney’s songs are ways of her sending message and share her feelings. But it’s still vague though. Will they have the courage to be together or just move on?

  16. anonymous Said:

    don’t tell us to get a life or get to sleep.. we just care about them. =) you could find another website if you don’t like it. actually i was watching about Illuminati’s control over mickey mouse clubhouse teenage stars like Britney when she’s one of them. It leads me to know that she wasn’t problematic but situations put her in condition she had a hard time getting out. and the fact that she used one of her song to give the msg that she wasn’t happy. after many readings, I’m suddenly here.

  17. Fresh Said:

    I think Justin Timberlake is still in love with Britney but can’t forgive her for cheating on him. I think Britney was just too wild and not born to be monogamous. I think she loved him too but it was more a first love thing that wasn’t meant to last; for him it was totally the opposite. He’s written tons of songs about Britney.

  18. moni Said:

    I think justin still love britney, but dont have the courage to say his feelings for her.

  19. anaelle omanda Said:

    I’m really sorry for Jessica but Justin and Britney still love each other ;)

  20. Barbara Said:

    I believe they will always love eachother, when they broke apart the light in both there eyes was lost and till this day any photos of them refelects deep feelings and happiness, pictures of them since they split reflects sadness in both of them till this day no matter who there with they were eachothers first everything there will forever be a peice
    Of each of there hearts that remain in there love always. Maybe one day there hearts will find eachother if its ment to be it will be.

  21. jesss Said:

    I have nothing against jessica biel, but comparing her to britney. well, there is no need to compare, britney matches justin, she is even more famous than him, britney just earned by RCA the billion dollar girl of 2014. she is doing great, and has really turned around her life. I think her and justin will always love each other, they share a big past. But after everything justin did to her, I don’t think he deserves her. she is like above him. i hope he sticks with the wannabe!

  22. jenny Said:

    you’re right barbara…i can see it their eyes. their love through their songs… izgi,angela and jen you’re right.. everytime-pair of wings,criminal-holy grail, and i think the TKO also…everytime/ looks like britney. and i’m sure what justin did in these past years into britney,he regreted it! that’s why he’s also helping britney to come back in the music and made her strong because of his new songs. unlike before “cry me a river” he just dont know how to tell her and to show us because of his egos…you know it’s all publicity! if he let britney back that easily,people will laugh at him.that’s whats on his mind.maybe?so that’s all he can do for now..slowly and support of the fans for their love…though i hate justin for what he did to britney,(but not that much)i still want them to get back together cause i can see love to each other. so, i support them.and i wish there’s forever now to them.

  23. allyssa Said:

    I love them and it makes me sad to watch their past interviews and see how painful for them to be apart :( i wish they are going to be together forever!

  24. jessabelle Said:


  25. JTBSFAN101 Said:

    I think they are talking thru their music, whoever says otherwise is clearly not seeing it! Its been an argument for years on this! I believe that’s how they communicate, is thru their music! shoot even my husband sees it, it clearly adds up !

  26. mariana Said:

    They definitely belong for each other and only and im sure someday they’ll be back

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