WTF Alert: Britney Spears’ REAL Singing Voice

Britney Spears LA Premiere Of The Smurfs 2Now darlings… this isn’t something I like to admit to at parties, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve been nursing a girl crush on Britney Spears since I was a little Gossip Girl. Make that past tense, though. Because since I heard this hilarious/tragic video of her actual singing voice, I can no longer count Brit-Brit amongst my It Girls.

Some intrepid sound engineer isolated Britney’s microphone feed during one of her old concerts to show that without a backing track, other singers and MOUNDS of AutoTune, Britney sounds like a squawking chicken. She doesn’t even whisper on key. Check out the video below to hear her real voice… if you dare:

Yikes, right? After listening to this, are you ready to burn all of Brit-Brit’s CDs–or is the pop star a stellar enough performer that she doesn’t really need to be the next Pavarotti? Tell me what you think in a comment below! XOXO.

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  1. Sierra Ashley Said:

    I’m not shocked at all. Majority of singers use auto tune and rarely sing with their natural voices. I just wished they exposed more singers like her so we all won’t be fooled anymore.

  2. vicky Said:

    It’s well-known that Britney’s never been a great singer, even before she got famous. She just has certain star quality, and that’s how she became a pop star.

  3. nicole Said:


  4. Angie Said:

    I wouldn’t criticize her. Let’s see anyone else do her choreography and hit the notes of the song

  5. Ana Said:

    I sing like Britney ¡¡¡ Yeiiii

  6. Elle Said:

    That is complete bs. Seriously, she has sang on her own during many interviews in the past. Get your facts straight. The girl can sing. Maybe she’s not as great as she used to be. But she can sing

  7. TooTragicForWords Said:

    While some of that pitchiness can be attributed to the fact that she’s moving around while singing, that’s just plain awful. I couldn’t even make it through the whole vid. She sounds like a dying chicken. Plz, someone, put her out of our misery. Yikes.

  8. Megan Said:

    I wouldn’t criticize her I mean a lot of singers use auto tune especially during concerts because they’re moving around a lot and dancing so they sound out of breath because they are.

  9. lola Said:

    By The Way Were Not That Dumb OKAYY , Its U Who Is Singing Tooo Fake Bby Even If I am NOT A FAN OF HERS

  10. Colin Martin Said:

    if you cant sing while your dancing, then stop dancing, if you cant dance while singing then stop singing. if i was a carpenter and i told you i could do you plumbing too, then fucked the carpentry part of the job up, would you be sitting around making excuses about how its hard to get the carpentry right if your doing the plumbing too? no you wouldn’t you’d get your money back and fire me. this is the exact same thing. she blows at her job (which is singing) so she sucks all around. fire her.

  11. Yadayada Said:

    She has sang live on MANY tv shows in interviews on cue.. Sorry, but I don’t believe this. I just don’t. And even if this is how she sounds, who cares? Still better than half the music industry who HAS to use Autotune in EVERY thing they do..

  12. Cece Said:

    I don´t think It`s true, fan wouldn´t be so excited if that happenned!

  13. Taylor Said:

    I think everyone sounds like that when they are dancing and trying to sing a song. She is doing choreography for a whole Concert and trying to sing too. I’d be surprised if she didn’t use autotune.

  14. Lexii Said:

    @Colin – You are basically trying to make a point by comparing home improvement to the music/entertainment business. It really doesn’t work.

  15. D Said:

    Between 1:05 and 1:15 you can clearly see it’s not her singing. What she’s saying doesn’t match her lips. This is fake.

  16. fairlady Said:

    I still like I don’t remember her saying that she’s a diva so I think its fine and only proves that she’s human which means she’s not perfect.Try jumping while singing and you’ll sound like her.

  17. Lola Said:

    This is a bogus video. Some other voice was used as hers. If you clearly listen, there’s another voice singing in tune, but definitely not an auto-tune. So that must be her real voice. I find it disappointing Gossip girl that you don’t verify first the contents of your articles before posting them. If you have to degrade another person, you have to make sure that your evidences are not fake or just made-up. Try to reasearch firtst okay.

  18. Smiles&Laughs Said:

    This is a load of crap.Whoever made this Has a lot of spare time. If she sounded this out of tune she wouldn’t have lasted this long in the industry.There are other videos showing her singing to warm up before the concert. No microphones and no auto tune and she sounds good. Not the best like Whitney or Celine but enough to sell records. i think all the haters on here wish they had half her talent but rather than recognise, it makes them feel better be bitter and hurtful, all based on a lie. Sad

  19. Talar Said:

    “A world where anything is possible”…where people who actually sound like chickens are called artists and become famous thanks to ultimately stupid people…that’s just sad.

  20. Kristen Said:

    Seriously that’s not even Britney Spears! It’s someone else trying to make her look bad. Britney Spears can actually sing she just chooses to hide it because she dances a lot. So get over it Gossip Girl. Get your facts straight before you post something.

  21. Alaina Said:

    Singers do this all the time… she’s just saying the words to the song so her lip singing looks right. She’s not actually trying to sing. No one can hit those notes while doing that choreo, Brit has some of the most demanding choreo at her shows! Obviously if she wasn’t out of breath and actually trying to hit the notes she would sound a whole lot better!

  22. Emma Said:

    Not only is this from years ago and dismissed as fake when this video first came out, it’s also well known that Britney has lip-sync in performances for year due to the sheer amount of dance and performance she did in the past and does now.

  23. Melissa Debecker Said:

    She has proved in many interviews that she can sing… But try to dance like she do and to sing such notes? I’m sure you won’t be great either.

    It would be awesome if she could do both at the same time… But she can’t…

  24. ysa Said:

    And she used to be a judge on X FACTOR… What a shame ! It proves that if u want to be successful , it’s possible with big boobs, a great body and if u are dancing like a whore !!

  25. Zack Said:

    I feel sorry about her…

  26. sorrynotsorry Said:

    i will admit that was pretty bad. But who knows this could be edited for all we know! And another fact is that this is when she was younger may i add and dancing like a whore you say? you should really work on those manners you and brittney but anyway she better work bitch you <brit -sorry im not sorry

  27. mumu Said:

    OMG this is is such a fake video. you can totally hear that it was edited. Her microphone would obviously be lower than the backing track. Someone is just out to get her. You should be sorry for yourself!

  28. jeff shelton Said:

    Wow everyone of you sheep on here think that she is actually trying to sing it called LIP SYNCING she sings along to make the lips sync up with the track that is playing the song with her voice!!! No one can sing well moving around as much as she does thats why there is lip syncing in most concerts with acts that do that much coreography, amazing how gullible people are!!!!

  29. Briitany Fake Said:

    Obviously many who are commenting are huge fans of Brittany and that’s cool. Except – learn to recognize vocal notes.

    Yes she’s dancing around, but not that much at times and no course she’s out of breath. That’s not the problem. The problem is, she’s a horrible singer and has no right to call herself one.

    Dancer – sort of. MADE star – Yes. Singer – NO.

    Is it fair she commands hundreds of $ for a show? Not if they say shes a singer…

  30. cokesprite Said:

    there are really few singers who can sing well without auto tunes

  31. Keith Said:

    Elvis didn’t need “Auto Tune”

  32. Catarina Said:

    This is so over the top. She can sing and she can dance. Is she the best at it? Of course not, but she is not asked to do that. She puts on a show, entertains, performs. How would she be able to sing troughout the whole show with complicated dance numbers, props and figurines management?! That is not the purpose. I don’t see it as lyp syncing, because she is singing.. with vocals in the background. Here it seems that her singing is terrible..what we see is that she is tired and out of breath

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