Scene & Heard: Britney Spears’ Surgery Secrets

InStyle cover girl–a heavily photoshopped cover girl–Britney Spears is dishing the dirt on how she maintains her, ahem, coveted appearance:

“A doctor I see, Dr. Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes—I’ve had lip injections before. He has this peptide-based face-care product; it’s green and slimy, and you mix it together and put it on your face. It does wonders. You leave it on overnight. Can you tell I love skin care?”

Um no Britney, I cannot.

britney spears


Our little cigarette-and-coffee fiend spent a few too many years puffing, guzzling and tanning to paint herself as a beauty guru now, don’t you think?

But while she may not be the most self-aware pop star on the planet, she does admit to lip injections, which is refreshing. Unlike Kim Kardashian who won’t even admit to her dress size let alone a small fortune in nips and tucks. And speaking of Kim, Brit feels a kinship with the less-than-transparent reality star:

“I see Kim and what she went through when she was pregnant—the tabloids were so mean to her because she was big, [and] I was like, ‘Bless her heart,’ because I remember that time,” says Brit. “First of all you are already emotional, and then the paparazzi are taking pictures of you pregnant. That should be the time when your body is the most treasured. I loved being pregnant for so many reasons, not to mention the sex is awesome then.”

britney spears



What do you think of Brit’s In Style cover–totes gorg or a total fantasy?


  1. jwen8012 Said:

    It doesn’t even look like her….

  2. yaz Said:

    love herr

  3. blue Said:

    TOTALLY transparent pop star! Love Her

  4. Taylor Said:

    Ummmm… don’t come for Britney. So she doesn’t look cover girl ready all the time? She is beautiful and sweet, even after all she’s been through. She is a legend. You don’t write articles like this about a LEGEND.

  5. Elise Said:

    Britney is the sweetest thing. She’s so honest and genuinely just wants the best for everyone. She completely knows what she’s talking about, being pregnant and dealing with hormones is so tough. You don’t understand until you’ve been through it. LOVE her! I have so much respect for Britney. Living legend.

  6. Moni Said:

    She forgot to mention her nose job but she has horrible skin

  7. mar Said:

    ohh . i think make up and anything that ligthens their skin made them beautiful . a true beautiful doesnt have to photoshop . light make ups , is okey .

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