Britney Spears Commands You to “Work Bitch” [VIDEO]

While it’s a message that I don’t necessarily agree with (Me? Work? Uh, no thanks…), Britney Spears‘ new video for her song “Work Bitch” has been released, and I’m featuring it because I just adore her:

Granted, this song is a little heavy on the synthesizers–and what’s up with that British accent she’s singing in?–but she looks AMAZING!

This is the first single off of her upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released Dec. 3 (I know what I’m giving my minions for the holidays…) Brit Brit will also be kicking off her new residency at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort that month (I know what I’m giving my favorite minions for the holidays…)

Are you loving her new video or do you think her prime was when she was not a girl, but not yet a woman? Let’s discuss! XOXO

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  1. Patricia Said:

    I DO like her and everything. The video is amazing and I happen to like the Shakira-ish choreography, but I just guess when you make a living out of singing you’re supposed to sing and all I can’t hear is actually her voice. Too much autotune, that’s just weird.

  2. Leslie Said:

    I don’t know that she is in fact “making her living out of singing” anymore, I would consider her to be more of an entertainer at this point, which she does well. It’s not a ballad or a cutesy pop tune it’s dance music that could be played in a club which seems to all be heavily autotuned. I think it’s great for what it is.

  3. HautePrimadonna Said:

    GG, let’s be real here. I love Britney. But, just like what Chris Crocker (remember him?) said recently…”I’m a fan of Britney but BORED-ney on the other hand, not so much”. I love her but she’s been a yawn-fest lately. I think she peaked PRIOR to “Not A Girl, Not yet a Woman” which is sad because that means she peaked before the age of 20. Her BOMT days were her at her VERY best. Followed by Oops… I Did It Again. I say, 10 years since she really has done something iconic (VMAs ring a bell?).

  4. shamaine Said:

    #luv it …………wae to go Brit cnt wyt for the whole album !!!!!

  5. Manuel C. Said:

    “Haters gonna Hate”… She’s amazing, THAT’S ALL.

  6. Isabelle Said:

    she is back!!!

  7. Victoria Said:

    Na-ah, GG. Britney is out of the spotlight. She might come back once or twice with a new song or two, but she will never be as big as she used to be. However, I think she looks stunning in this video, although a bit trashy outfit. My problem about this though is that the song is awful. I miss when music had meaningful lyrics and a melody that got stuck in the brain. I’d hate if this song got stuck in my brain.

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