Kardashian/Jenner Sibling Drama: Brody Jenner Attends Reggie Bush’s Wedding

Well this will certainly make for some (more) awkward conversation at the next Kardashian/Jenner family vacay. Brody Jenner, dually known for both fake-dating Lauren Conrad on The Hills and being Bruce Jenner’s least doting son on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, attended Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan’s wedding over the weekend. Yes: that Reggie Bush, best known by non-football fans as Brody’s step-sister Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend. Pretty touchy situation to begin with, but then let’s add to it that he totally skipped Kim and Kanye’s wedding in May! At least he tried to fly under the radar about it. Oh, wait: 

Now that is just blatant. Captioning the photo evidence Instagram post “Congrats @reggieBush !!! #bushwedding,” and blasting it to his millions of followers (yes, being a supporting character on reality television will get you millions of followers), Brody Jenner sealed his title of worst step-sibling of the year.

Brody attended the wedding with his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, who, incidentally, my spies tell me was not invited to Kim and Kanye’s wedding. In fairness, the Wests had to cut the guest list off somewhere, and a batman-costumed Jayden Smith appears to have been that cut off point.

Darlings, I understand that Brody is still friends with Kim’s ex, but you can’t just skip your step-sister’s wedding (as he also did when Khloé Kardashian married Lamar Odom), and then attend said step-sister’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding. And then post about it on Instagram! There is a world of reprimand coming at Brody, and you just know which momager is set to dole it out.

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What do you think, minions? Should Brody have skipped Reggie’s wedding, or at least have skipped posting about it on Instagram? XOXO


  1. Danielle Said:

    He obviously doesn’t like the kardashians, and in his defense, why should he have to be apart of all the drama just because his dad married into it? Im a Kardashian fan,but even i wouldn’t want to deal with all that in real life. Hes a grown man, he can do what he wants.
    Thanks GG for all the latest gossip, i can always count on you to keep me updated!

  2. Monica Said:

    I would not have gone to Kim’s wedding either. I hate kanye and to be honest Kim only gets married for the money and fame. They have ruined the meaning of marriage.

  3. LizzyS Said:

    Well I wouldn’t gave gone if my partner hadn’t been invited either bit rude I think and obviously he doesn’t like them which to be perfectly honest is totally understandable they are stuck and holier than thou

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