Scene & Heard: Brooke Shields Calls Miley Cyrus’ VMAs Performance “A Bit Desperate”

“I was Hannah Montana’s mother! Where did I go wrong?” – Brooke Shields slammed Miley Cyrus‘ VMAs raunchy performance during an interview with the Today Show this morning. “I just want to know who’s advising her and why [the racy display] is necessary… [Our children] can’t watch that. I feel like it’s a bit desperate,” she added.

Ouch! At least she said what we were all thinking, amIright? Brooke, who played Miley’s TV mom on a few episodes of Hannah Montana, hinted that her overboard sexy bad-girl image is probably the result of trying to rebel from her Disney days.

“You could see her trying so hard to go against that,” she said. “She can sing beautifully, and I feel like if she lets that lead, rather than let her bottom lead… She’s trying so, so hard.”

Do you think Brooke’s theory is dead-on? Or do you think Miley has always had the twerking side in her and it was just waiting to bust (a move) out? Tell me in a comment below!


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  1. Elaine Said:

    This was so over the top and so vulgar. She’s doing nothing but hurting her image…disgusting

  2. Marie Said:

    I miss the old Miley Cyrus.If she wasen’t off the show I don’t think she would have still cut & Dyed her hair.

  3. Regina Said:

    Poor Miley, seems that the attention she needs at home, she gets it on stage. But dearie MC, you don’t need to be an over-the-top street walker to get all eyes on you. You can still sing one of your aweful songs and people would still boowing you. Try to be un peau classy. You’re losing it, darling. XXX

  4. Emily Said:

    what i saw last night from iley is disgusting i believe the new miley is crack whore and trying so hard to be a sex symbol it is for sure backfiring i cant believe someone as classy as liam would even want to be engaged to her and i cant believe nick jonas hasnt gotten over her yet well at least on their latest cd wedding bells is supposed to be about her she needs some thearapy &her father billy ray isnt helping either also poor robin thicke im sure he didnt want his imagie to be that tarnished

  5. Lori Said:

    i totally agree with what the woman’s saying, miley should be guided by her voice and not her bottom, i feel that in this kind of songs that she is performing she cannot express her great talent, the provocative and vulgar image that she is showing right now is overshadowing the great and talented miley everyone fell in love with.

  6. Anonymous e Said:

    I think that Miley Cyrus is amazing no matter what she’s doing. She’s having fun and not trying to be like everyone else… she doesn’t care what you think and you shouldn’t care what happens. She’s making a hell of a lot of money more than you people are and clearly she has fans so obviously she’s doing something right plus most pop sucks anyway and I like where her music is going. Doesn’t sound like Taylor swift or someone else who’s lame ha.

  7. Adrianne Said:

    Miley Cyrus AND Justin Bieber are just reaping the benefits of having more money than they can possibly spend and newfound freedom. I assume neither of them have heard the word NO since they were 13 years old. Brooke is making excuses. “Rebelling” has little to do with it. They have no self control and no one to take care of them even though they’re still children. Someone needs to empty their bank accounts and slap them across their faces.

  8. Bell Said:

    AMEN. I only see spoilt children when I see them. I personally like her hair and edgier style, but her performance was out of line. Then again, we should all have seen this coming: history has proved us child stars all end this way, AND her Teen Choice Awards stripper performance a couple of years ago should have been a hint ;)

  9. David Said:

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  10. Judy Said:

    Miley thinks it’s part of growing up. The VMAs shows how much growing up she still has to do.

  11. lovelizzibeth Said:

    Miley has millions of people who follow her. With that said, she shouldn’t be representing herself the way she has. She obviously has an influence on todays society, and I would hate to see our next generation acting in the characteristics displayed in her VMA performance. Tisk tisk.

  12. PIPE Said:

    Well I think that she looked totally like a cheap hooker the sad thing it’s that her voice is still good but she looks so trashy with those looks

  13. Shiney Said:

    Lindsay Lohan 2.0… Same age as Miley here and i felt so uncomfrotable watching her at VMA’S, the fact that she is growing up does not mean she has to throw her life a reputation away, it is actually more commendable when u grow up in the public eye and still be able to keep ur dignity and some innocense, thats what will mark u as different, right now she is just following the crowd! I wish the Miley I grew up seeing could come back in her grown up form! :'(

  14. Mrs. Correct-itude Said:

    Anonymous e: No one is questioning whether or not the girl makes money. As for her fan base… I think it’s safe to say a lot of them are jumping from this titanic before it plummets. The ones that stick around are either hoping for rehab, an elaborate April Fool’s, or worse… actually idolize and copy what they see. And that’s not good for any one, not even a celebrity. XOXO.

  15. sandra nekh Said:

    yap, felt so too, i hated her performance! she ruined blurred lines for me!

  16. Rachel Said:

    Dead on!

  17. Kim Said:

    Desperate is the perfect word for what I was thinking while watching it. Anyone that desperate to call attention to her body and bad behavior must not have any confidence in her own talent or abilities. It sucks that she’s so insecure.

  18. Shirley Said:

    I was so thoroughly disgusted with Miley’s performance….or sex act! I hate to even see her get the attention for something so raw. What a waste of talent. I’ll remember her name, but I won’t bother to watch anything that she does from here on.

  19. Carol Said:

    I agree that robin thicke could have moved but something tells me Miley would have followed him across the stage. Plus, the grinding lasted a minute, the rest of what ever it was she was doing seems to last FOREVER……..

    The are many child stars that grew up without being in a train wreck. I just don’t get why some feel the need to go off the rails. You either have talent or u don’t. She has it but I see rehab and shaved head in her future. Hopefully she won’t be peeing in

  20. Megan Said:

    I think Miley needs a wake up call. She makes allot if money but soon she is going to lose allot of fans. At first people said it was because she was rebelling, but I don’t think so anymore. Soon she will be like Amanda Bynes. Almost all Disney stars have turned out the same way. I just wonder whose next. I honestly wonder what Miley thinks when she watches herself on tv after one of her performances. She’s not sexy at all or even appealing, I hate to say it because I loved her on Hannah Montana

  21. Megan Said:

    …. But now she’s just embarrassing herself and disgusting

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