WTF Alert: Bruce Jenner Getting His Adam’s Apple Flattened

One of my favorite moments of the year was the day I saw Star magazine’s hilarious cover about Bruce Jenner wanting to be a woman:

Bruce Jenner Star Magazine


I laughed and laughed at the cover–although not the item about Reese being the bossiest wife in Hollywood, that I can tres believe–and shook my head at the thought of Bruce slowly turning into a Belinda…until, that is, I heard that he’s undergoing what’s known as a Laryngeal Shave. This means that essentially, he’s having his Adam’s apple reduced or flattened. To have a smoother looking throat. Like a woman. 

And this isn’t just a wild rumor, minions. Brucey himself has confirmed it:

“I’ve just never liked my trachea,” he told TMZ.

bruce jenner brody jenner


?!?! What has happened to you, Bruce? Fine, grow your hair. Fine, get your ears pierced. FINE, get a facelift every year until you look like a Real Housewife. But lady-fy your throat? Really? This just may be the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard from the Kardashian camp.

Do you think that there’s some truth to BJ wanting to become a female? And more importantly, have you ever dumped a guy because you didn’t like his trachea?



  1. blablablanda Said:

    hahahah! This post is hilarious!

  2. Mardi Said:

    I don’t blame BJ at all – I mean he has been living with girls for 20 odd years and the girls have a royal of a time. He is just looking to fit somewhere. He seen the glamorous lives of the girls – and in direct contrast is Rob K also not satisfied with himself.

  3. Karen Said:

    This gossip is ridiculous. “Star” obviously wants to get high selling numbers and how do you get it? By making a foolish front page with this headline. Omg, get your self together. This is just rumors. Period.

  4. rly? Said:



  5. Daniel Said:

    Let’s not confuse gender with sex. Woman is a gender, female is a sex. I think he should his life the way he wants and people are just being stupid and ignorant about this story.

  6. Cami Said:

    I think that BJ has taken this whole thing to a whole new extreme. I mean, he should be able to do what he wants to himself by all means, but really? Your throat of all places to renovate, I can understand where he is coming from, but he doesn’t know what the outcome is going to be like. BJ, this is interesting. I just wonder how he even got the idea. I wonder what the rest of the Kardashians think…

  7. RenRist Said:

    Belinda will fit right in with those awful Kardashian tramps. The more I think about it, I believe he will be the “normal” one in the Kardashian tramp camp.

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