Old People News: Cameron Diaz Shamelessly Flirts with Robert Pattinson

Pathetic alert! At a recent event, 40-year-old singleton Cameron Diaz went overboard in her attempt to snag Robert Pattinson, spies tell me:

“She was pretty obvious. Cam was seated next to Rob at dinner. She was touching his arm, doing her big Cameron laugh at everything he said and trying really hard. He was polite, but not having it.”

Tres sad darlings. Not only has R.Patz officially reconciled with Kristen Stewart (talk about sad!) but Cam isn’t the sexpot she used to be. She may have had good luck with a young gent once upon a time (Justin Timberlake) but hopefully this embarrassing little episode will teach Cam that she should stick to men and leave the boys to us. But just in case, Harry Styles should probably start locking his doors…XOXO.






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