Caption This: Rihanna in a Playful Mood

Rihanna managed to hold it together during Fashion Week and was on reasonably good behavior–no lewd tweets, no Chris Brown run-ins–but now that NYFW is over, RiRi is back to her less-than-classy antics. Observe:

Rihanna leaves hotel in a playful mood


Sigh. I just don’t know what’s the most upsetting part of this: the mullet. The boots. The international flag hammer pants outfit. And BTW, this Vivienne¬†Westwood clutch was emblazoned with a gold man part on the other side, hence Ri’s declasse thrusting. Ugh.¬†It’s all just dreadful.

But, let’s have a little fun with RiRi’s clownish look, shall we? How would you caption this pic?

Leave your quips in the comments section, XOXO!


  1. Anon Said:

    Let ler live! Unfollows GossipGirl on Twitter!

  2. Kimk Said:

    Su pinche negra se ve del culo

  3. Ally Said:

    That’s the price you pay for fame. People will criticize your every move. If you don’t like reading about it, why are you even on this website?
    Aside from that, people like Rihanna are role models, and should display more appropriate behavior. Her actions a over we’re crude and disgusting. It’s okay to let loose and have fun every now and again, but that doesn’t mean you have to display crude humor to do so!

  4. Axel Said:

    IUGH! What on earth is RiRi thinking, she looks like a slut, sorry :(

  5. J Said:

    She is doing a Miley Cyrus..

  6. Zaina Said:

    …..but then, they mostly criticize on Miley, HA ! *rolls eyes*

  7. jj Said:

    Sorry Axel do u even know what slut looks like go and check at Miley’s music videos and you will see that’s what slut act like it so RiRi can’t have fun in life because she is a singer
    when are u going to get ur moment to sing stop judging people of the way they act, live ok you probable the most annoying and boring person to think everyone who dances they look like slut that is the most stupidest thing I ever heard someone say grow up and don’t judge people….pissed

  8. jj Said:

    Zain RiRi is wearing clothes and having fun with het fans not trying yo get it on with another woman’s husband these people are different what do u people watch or read or are u just stupid I don’t get it really or I are mad at RiRi its not ger fault for u guys to be boring please leave her alone to just breath at least she is not nude like someone but she must fire her stylist like seriously

  9. Alicia Said:

    Oh for goodness sake, leave the celebs alone will you? They can do what they want and they really don’t need your aproval!!!!

  10. Lumz Said:

    If only people used punctuation, that would be great!

  11. Jeffrey Said:

    Ugly as always.

  12. cleipatra Said:

    Its funny!!!but I say u go Ri Ri… Representing the caribbean!!!!!!

  13. sarra Said:

    I see the Tunisian flag!!! <3

  14. Suzanne Said:

    Purse Humping

  15. mackenzee Said:

    I Fucking love her she is so great!!!! no one else would have the balls to do this!!!

  16. Dan Said:

    Looks like Chris Brown knocked a screw loose…

  17. Sophia Said:

    What the hell is going on? Is every famous girl in the world turnning totally disgusting?

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