Hot Mess: Cara Delevingne’s New Tattoo

I’m all for patriotism and remembering your roots (unless of course you’re from somewhere uncool) but model Cara Delevingne has taken hometown pride to a new level with her latest tattoo:

cara delevingne


Ugh. Cara darling, do you know what we call an American who gets “BORN IN THE USA” emblazoned on their bicep? A hillbilly. While I don’t know the exact term for the English equivalent, I’m sure it’s equally unflattering.

But, at least this ink is in a place no one will easily see it, unlike that lion on your finger that will look like spin art within a decade.

Am I being a tattoo party pooper, minions? Do you actually fancy CD’s Brit-centric body mod or is this beauty better off ink-free?

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  1. Salt Said:

    It’s ok it’s not going to last very long anyways. Any good tattoo artist will talk you out of getting work done on the bottom of your foot.

  2. Ruby Said:

    Jesus that is chavvy.

  3. me Said:

    its not offensive, its not able to be seen and it’s not some huge eyesore..there are FAR worse tattoos to make fun of…and i actually love the lion on her finger…

  4. sunshine Said:

    Its on her foot, I like it I would get a tattoo like that

  5. Clemence Said:

    I think it’s original :) And it’s on her feet, which means that you won’t see it as much and as weel as her other tatoos.
    (sorry if I made mistakes, but I’m french)

  6. thecutest Said:

    This. Is. Dope.

    There. I’m done.

  7. Mike Ramirez-Corvallis Said:

    If you look just a little closer you will see what appears to be the edges of tape around it, like it is a label from a label maker. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

  8. Milla Said:

    Lol you are so ridiculous… That’s not even a tattoo! Cara is an amazing girl, you are just jealous.

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