Is Carly Rae Jepsen Coming To Broadway?

Broadway plays are tres not my thing–if it’s not showing at the Met, I shant be going–but I might make an exception now that Carly Rae Jepsen is heading to the Great White Way.

Starting on February 4th, CRJ will take over the lead role in “Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella” opposite Fran Drescher as her wicked stepmother. That’s right darlings, Carly Rae is now Cindy Rella.

carly rae jepsen at wang tango


While it may seem odd to cast a pop tart like CRJ in such a high-profile role, Carly says that she can totes see herself in Cinder’s glass shoes.

“It’s so hopeful and inspiring,” she said. “I’ve always been one to believe in the impossible, so I relate to her character completely.”

Relating to a character is all well and good Carly but can you act? Her only other stage experience was in high school where she starred in “Annie,” “The Wiz” and “Grease” before attending the Canadian College of Performing Arts. So basically: she hasn’t done any acting that actually matters to anyone other than her mother.

Now all they need is to cast the rest of the musical–any suggestions? Maybe we could get her Fairy God Bieber to come out of retirement…


  1. Charles Said:

    What an attention seeking pop star! She already ruined the show biz world with her “call me maybe”! Like honey no one is gonna call you after that! Why would any one cast her in the THEATRE. Broadway is my life and she is now going to ruin that experience for me too! I didn’t listen to the radio for months because I heard her little squeaky little auto tuned voice every time that I turned on a good station! Well that’s my opinion! Love ya xoxo bye bye!

  2. Elise Said:

    Every singer assumes that he or she can act when they can sing a tone. Well, guess what? That’s not always the case, so I’m curious whether she can or can’t. I’d be a pity if she ruined a Broadway musical..

  3. ellie Said:

    i don’t think the casting director would be that stupid to give someone a main part if they don’t meet the expectations and standards, its not that hard to act especially if you get a good acting teacher.. she will be fine xx

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