Love or Loathe: Carrie Underwood

Spotted: Carrie Underwood at the 2014 Time 100 Gala in NYC wearing a Claire Pettibone dress and looking not super excited about it. My thoughts exactly, Car.

carrie underwood TIME 100 issue of the 100 most influential people


Claire Pettibone is one of my favorite designers–for wedding dresses. Not red carpet gowns, and this dress proves why. It’s an awkward mix of floral and brocade with a French-country-meets-Chinoiserie vibe that is not working for me. Plus, the flowers at the waist add bulk to her slim frame, and the bustline isn’t tailored well.

On the plus side, fab hair and makeup, Carrie. Although you didn’t do much in the way of jewelry, I won’t hold it against you since this dress was just such a confusing mess, how could you have possibly accessorized it?

But what say you all? Is this gown unique but pleasing? Or did someone steer Carrie seriously wrong?

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  1. Marissa Said:

    I think that Carrie looks fab, per usual. You go girl!!

  2. Justme Said:

    I LOVE the dress but her hair is in need of a dramatic new style. Throw away those damn extensions please!

  3. Michelle Said:

    Dress is amazing. She just needs to stand up straight, shoulders back, boobies out!

  4. J.L. Said:

    This is just awful. Sack the stylist before it’s too late

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