Hot Messes: The Cast of Spring Breakers

The four leading ladies of upcoming comedy Spring Breakers have money, talent and fame–but they can’t seem to craft a decent red carpet look between them. Today at the Venice Film Festival, I spied Vanessa Hudgens dressed for a tea party in 1957, Selena Gomez channeling a Persian rug, Ashley Benson in a hideously unflattering pale dress and Rachel “Oh Yeah, That Other Girl” Korine looking appropriately forgettable.

Between these four fashion fails, I’m tempted to protest their flick purely on principle alone…will you?



  1. Christiane Said:

    i actually like S and V’s outfits, but the other two are oh-so-forgettable. I don’t know what A (or her stylist) was thinking, but her floppy hair, like her dress is a mess, and is the other one even worth mentioning?

  2. OMFGG Said:

    Ashley and Selena look okay

  3. ChelseaReeves Said:

    Maybe they did it to laugh at what you wrote about it later, GG.

  4. jewlswimmer Said:

    Vanessa sort of gives off that “pin-up” girl vibe with her dress and smile. Ashley’s dress is horrendous not on just her but anybody, it’s extremely unflattering. Rachel’s dress is okay for casual but it’s not really a ‘premiere carpet’ dress. Selena on the other hand looks regal, demure and like she owns the place. Her confidence, if people don’t like the dress (which I think is extremely sleek and chic) gives her a glow that makes her stand out from the rest. Selena’s always on top of her game

  5. fauxamerican Said:

    I think Selena is the best of this bad situation.

  6. ggada Said:

    V is trying to hard ,S looks the best of the 4,”Blue girl” disaster ,A not liking the dress exactly but still love her…♥

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