Cecily von Ziegesar Recaps the 100th Episode of Gossip Girl

Cecily von Ziegesar and Blair's Wedding

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Who better to recap each week’s new episode of Gossip Girl than author Cecily von Ziegesar? In this week’s edition, she talks about her theory on Blair’s wedding outfit and that Georgina’s Gossip Girl reveal might not be what it seems.

Hey people,

I don’t know about you but it took me a night or two of fitful sleep to process what went down on Monday. Not sure I’ll ever fully process all of it, because it was a lot. I might seek professional help or medication or maybe I should just start my own blog…. Anyway, enough about me, let’s analyze the craziness.

My wedding outfit theory:

Of course the wedding would turn out to be an ill-fated sham, I could tell right away. Not because Blair was totally marrying the wrong guy, but because of the dresses and hairdos. I know I’m supposed to get all gooey over Blair in her wedding dress, but she wouldn’t have worn her hair so long and unkempt-looking and so much blue eye shadow if the wedding was meant to be. She would have had her hair combed into a sleek up-do, with pearly, natural makeup. And Serena wouldn’t have worn baby pink or visible underwires unless she totally knew she was about to become the most meddlesome maid of honor in history. If the wedding had been blessed, the bridesmaids would’ve worn flattering dresses, not puffballs of peony pink. And the boys would not have had their hair combed back to make them look old and unhandsome. Watch, when Blair finally marries the man she loves, the whole picture will be edible.

Favorite villainous appearance:

Georgina. Sheee’s back!!! She steals the show with her evil ways every time. This time she stole the words right out of Gossip Girl’s mouth. I have the feeling we haven’t untwisted the whole GG pretzel here though, if you know what I mean. Georgina has quite a bag of tricks and all may not be as it seems.

Favorite moment/line:

I have to say, I’m a romantic. I loved the do-over moment when Dan looks up and sees Serena looking down at him and smiling. It was totally reminiscent of that scene in the Palace Hotel in episode one. And then I loved it when Serena says, “I love you Dan Humphrey, always have, always will,” knowing that he won’t reciprocate. I like it when Serena’s humble, because it’s so rare.

Favorite dress:

Georgina as a choir boy. Although I’m bummed I didn’t get to see Chuck in that get-up.

Favorite hairstyle:

I have to say the evil priest’s hair made me giggle every time. It looked like it was combed with a rake dripping with hair gel. Where was he ordained — becomeapriestonthejerseyshore.com?

Favorite wedding guest:

The whole lot get props for maintaining their composure during what turned out to be the craziest wedding any of them has ever attended, but I have to say I loved seeing Cyrus Rose again. He always lends a dapper elegance to every occasion, and makes us all feel a little smarter simply by being there.

Most ominous music:

That song when Blair and Louis are at the altar for the second time, really going through with it. We might have been at a funeral. We might have been bleeding to death. That song just made me wanna die.

OK, now I’m depressed. But the good thing is, things can only get better, right? There are so many messes, we just have to sit back and watch them… turn into bigger messes!

You know you love it.

xoxo -CvZ

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