Cecily von Ziegesar Answers Your Questions

Cecily von Ziegesar

Are your problems peanuts compared to Chuck's?

Think your life is filled with drama? Cecily von Ziegesar attended a private school on the Upper East Side and lived to write about it. As the author of 14 Gossip Girl books (plus spinoffs!), her imagination is the genius force behind Blair’s iconic bitchiness and Serena’s scandalous sex appeal.

And–taking a page out of Dan Humphrey’s book–Cecily will be writing from her Brooklyn abode and answering your questions each week. Want to be first in line to receive her personal colorful commentary? Then head over to the message boards, and post your best jaw-on-the-floor questions. Cecily will be peeking and selecting her favorites, so make them juicy.




  1. HookedOnGG Said:

    Will there be a sequel to Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer??

  2. adris Said:

    do you think it should be a Gossip Girl everywhere or do you think its not good for the secrets of the society?

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