Video: Cecily von Ziegesar is Team Chair!

Cecily von Ziegesar

Cecily von Ziegesar, author of the Gossip Girl book series publicly took sides and revealed who her favorite couple is on the show in a recent video interview. When asked which love story she likes the most — Chuck and Blair, Dan and Blair or Serena and Dan — she went with Chuck and Blair.

“I think on the Gossip Girl TV show, the love story between Blair and Chuck is really the best one because they’re such a good match. And it’s very different from the books because they’re not even really a couple in the books. But I think you keep watching the show because you want to find out if they’ll wind up together. And it’s very romantic, but they’re also very funny. I think Chuck and Blair are the best characters on the show. That’s my favorite couple.”

Check out the video below! Do you agree with Cecily? Tell us about it in a comment!


  1. toneofsurprise Said:

    Got to love Cecily ;)

  2. Blair_Bass Said:

    Always will be Chair:)

  3. Christiane Said:

    without a doubt!

  4. josefina Said:

    Chair is the best (L)

  5. Passionate Gossip Girl Said:

    Of course I agree and everybody should!

  6. Courtney Said:

    I love Blair and Chucks relationship!!! I cry every time they brake up or take a brake!! And at the second last episode where on the news how chuck ‘dies’ in bass’s plane i cried so much!!! Chuck has and always was my favourite character and Chair has and always were my favourite couple!!

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  9. Binita khatri Said:

    Everbody loves chuck and blair..they are the most favourite couple ever and i love.No matter what they had always love each othee,no matter what the situation is and they end up two togehter.Even it’s nt written in the book that they wiil be a couple but ecerybody love them as a couple… chair always so much

  10. nina_92 Said:

    Cecily is amazing! I read all of the gossip girl books in 2 weeks!!!

  11. myasia Said:

    Make another season plzzzz

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