Cecily von Ziegesar Recaps “The Princess Dowry”

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Who better to recap each week’s new episode of Gossip Girl than author Cecily von Ziegesar? In this week’s edition, she talks about how much she loved CeCe’s Irish wake and makes a plea for Dan to get a new haircut. Find out all her favorite moments in “The Princess Dowry” (Season 5, Episode 17).

So much happened last night, my mind’s still all atwitter (pun totally intended)! Some might say it was predictable. And sure, I sorta guessed CeCe was going to leave the whole shebang to Ivy, and I sorta guessed that Dr. van der Woodsen would turn out to be Lola’s dad, and I guessed a really long time ago that Georgina wasn’t the real Gossip Girl, she was just filling in. I guessed the what of it, but not the how of it. And boy, was it entertaining to watch it all unfold! You dig?

Sorry, I’ve had way too much caffeine this morning.

Here are some of my favorite moments from last night:

Favorite scene—CeCe’s Irish wake. Totally inspired. Loved the ridiculous Irish band playing constant fiddle-y Irish jigs. Loved Serena, Lily, and Rufus all slumped in chairs in front of the coat of arms bedecked coffin, sipping Irish whiskey and wondering if their lives could get any more bizarre, while the help from Cece’s pampered past—the butcher, her gardener, her driver—had a whale of a time celebrating her passing.

Favorite line—Blair to Estee, the plummy British-accented royal secretary appointed to her by Louis’s court: “You slimy little limey.”

Favorite absolute slime-bucket—Pinky-ringed and black shiny shirt-wearing Billy Baldwin as Dr. van der Woodsen, Serena’s daddy, and as it turns out, Lola’s. Well, Serena always wanted a sister.

Favorite bad hair—Dan’s. Why does no one fix it? (See hairstyle suggestions for him) Maybe he has to play an old-fashioned sword-wielding guy in tights in some upcoming PBS drama. It might actually look better if he tied it in a pretty black velvet bow. Or maybe Blair—since she loves him—will loan him one of her old headbands.

Favorite good hair—Ivy’s. Her long strands were toned a slightly deeper, caramel hue last night that I really dig. She’s not just another blond anymore. Money suits her.

Favorite outfit—Georgina’s black open-breasted, high-collared dress. So wickedly dominatrix-y, and so perfectly accessorized with a high, tight ponytail. She rocked it like no other evil bitch could.

That just about sums it up. I leave you with this image: Blair and Dan all a-smooch in the Humphrey’s Brooklyn loft, when suddenly the door bangs open and there are Lily and Rufus with all their luggage, having been kicked out of their Upper East Side penthouse by Ivy. It might get kind of cozy. And Lily might get sort of lost on those uncharted Brooklyn streets. But at least Rufus can go back to making breakfast without those meddling chefs and caterers always getting in the way.

Can’t wait for more GG storms in April!

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  1. Jayy_Myah Said:

    Since this episode I’ve been waiting to see how Georgina comes back into play. Curious how that whole scandal will go down since Blair is in debt to her. More fun times await!


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