Cecily von Ziegesar Recaps “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Cecily von Ziegesar next to Nate Archibald

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Who better to recap each week’s new episode of Gossip Girl than author Cecily von Ziegesar? Find out all her favorite moments in “Raiders of the Lost Art” (Season 5, Episode 22).

Hey People,

I have to say I spent much of last night’s episode demanding — in between slurps of Campari, — “Wait, wait, what did she just say? Where is he going? What’s happening? What’s happening?” I’ve never been good with mysteries. I’m too impatient and I don’t like to be misled. And boy, last night’s episode was jam-packed with red herrings and casually tossed out lines. Maybe I should watch it again. So many subtleties, so little time….

Here are some of my favorite moments (as I remember them):

Best Dress: Serena looked pretty and young and footloose and fancy-free (for a change) in that short black dress with the white flowers all over it. Trés adorable.

Best scheming duo: Chuck and Blair, doing what they do best, without tripping over any of their emotional baggage.

Best Masseur: Dorota oiling and pummeling Diana for information was genius.

Best liar: Nate. His expression never changes, even when he’s lying through his perfect eyebrows.

Prettiest face: There was something tea-cup delicate about Chuck’s face last night—the fact that his entire identity hung in the balance was written all over it. He just needs someone to hold his hand and tell him that he’s loved. We love you Chuck.

Biggest surprise: I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t had a chance to watch yet, but sometimes the best surprises come in ugly packages and are given to us by total Bassholes.

Lingering question: Why oh why is Serena so so so hung up on finding out who Gossip Girl is? Does she want to take her out? Become allies? Torture her? I’d much rather Gossip Girl remain a mystery. Wouldn’t you?

You know you love it,



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