Gallery: Celebrities Caught Off Guard

Photographers might love Beyonce but she doesn’t necessarily love the pictures that they snap of her while she’s performing. Some really crazy faces have come out of her concert pics, so much so that she even put a ban on photogs from attending.

Beyonce’s definitely not the only one who has come under the spotlight during an unfortunate moment in time. Check out these hilarious pics of celebrities (ranging from Katy Perry to Blake Lively) caught off guard on camera!

Blake Lively

Upper East Siders are mostly perfect all the time, except for the occasional breakdown like this one.

Photo Credit: WENN


The stage is where Bey takes out all her frustration on Blue Ivy's smelly diapers.

Photo Credit: WENN

Mischa Barton

Hopefully her food is just as good as this picture is funny.

Photo Credit: WENN

Mila Kunis

Why so angry, Mila?

Photo Credit: WENN

Kate Hudson

Wow! She's excited about that question.

Photo Credit: WENN

Katy Perry

Guess she wasn't taking the criticism about her hair too well.

Photo Credit: WENN

John Mayer

Worst. Face. Ever. Oh, and he's making a funny expression here too. XOXO

Photo Credit: WENN

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