The Top 5 Celebrity Scandals of 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, it’s only appropriate to look back on some of the most memorable moments of the year. While Barbara Walters names her most fascinating people, and Time Magazine has its person of the year, I’d rather think it’s much more of an honor to be named to one of my lists…especially this one.

Behold minions, the top five celebrity scandals of 2013:

1. Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAsMC managed to molest Robin Thicke and those innocent teddy bears on national television. The one good thing that came from it? The sale of foam fingers skyrocketed.

miley cyrus vma performance
2. Justin Bieber’s One-Night Stand Films Him Sleeping – The Brazilian hooker “model” then came forward to give every dirty detail about their slumber party. Guess some ladies aren’t afraid to kiss and tell all.

3. Liam Hemsworth and January Jones Cheating Rumors – Spies caught the two kissing at the Cheateau Marmont while LH was supposedly still engaged to MC. Well, we can see why things didn’t work out…

4. Lamar Odom’s Cheating and Crack Addiction – In the wake of the numerous cheating rumors not to mention his non-existent NBA career, Lam-Lam reportedly vanished and went on a crack binge (?!?)

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom,


5. Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Cressida Bonas’ Scandalous Pics Leaked – I was on standby waiting for Harry to top his 2012 Vegas pics scandal–which I understand is a hard task since that one was so exceptional–but sadly he never did. Although his socialite girlfriend tried her best to keep him in the gossip mags with her wildchild past. Perhaps they are perfect for each other after all!

So tell me, loves. Which was your favorite scandal of 2013? Vote in the comments below. XOXO


  1. marianna Said:

    liam wasn’t cheating. him and miley were apart for a long time before they officially announced it. came here to say that.

  2. Queen Bee Said:

    Miley all the way! Her performance left everyone talking about it. She really knows how to start up trouble.

  3. gossipgirlLA Said:

    miley cyrus for sure. i have some pics of little miss upcoming popstar that you might want to see. email me and you get them on your site before anyone else

  4. Angelique Said:

    I think that the whole miley cyrus scandal was just to get more publicity I think that miley just wants to be world wide so mayby little miss famous miley cyrus just wants attention xoxo not gossip girl

  5. gossipgirl4life Said:

    love this!!!!

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