Gallery: Celebs Do The Miley

miley cyrus vmas awards ny

Why is Miley Cyrus always sticking her tongue out? It’s how she smells, duh. The “We Can’t Stop” singer hosted Saturday Night Live this year and during a promo for the show, she explained the whole reason to comedy cutie Taran Killam: watch here!

While sticking your tongue out in pics is nothing new (um, hello elementary school!), have you noticed that since Miley started this habit, other celebs have been caught doing it a lot more too? It’s the new “duck face” for pictures. Shudder…

Check out the pics below and see who’s been caught doing the Miley, and tell me what you think about this pose “trend.” XOXO

Justin Bieber

Photo Credit: Instagram

Kendall Jenner

Photo Credit: Instagram

Liam Payne

Photo Credit: Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens

Photo Credit: Instagram

Cara Delevingne

Photo Credit: WENN

Rita Ora

Photo Credit: WENN

Rebel Wilson

Photo Credit: WENN

Harry Styles

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Photo Credit: WENN

Avril Lavigne

Photo Credit: WENN

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  1. Louise Said:

    Forgive me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Miss Delevingne poking her tongue out waaaaaay before Miley… and making it much more ‘high fashion’ too?

  2. Stephanie Said:

    I think sticking one’s tongue out is different than sticking out the tongue and licking one’s teeth. Miley curls her tongue up in a weird perverted way licking her teeth. Looks more insane.

  3. Denise Said:

    What about Gene Simmons’ (from KISS) usual pose?

  4. Jette Said:

    oh please, miley c wasnt the first one to stick her tongue out… IF thats a “trend”, it is not bcause of her.

  5. Mrs Horan Said:

    Liam Payne and Harry Styles DEFINITELY look adorable even if they’re sticking their tongue out…

  6. shilpa Said:

    Haha yea. Liam and Harry definitely look cute with their tongues out :)

  7. Laura Said:

    IDIOT that face existed long ago, way before even she was born. Many have use it before here and many will too.

  8. Laura Said:


  9. Jasmine Said:

    Okay, 1. Miley never started this ‘trend’, it’s just a regular face to pull for a photo these days. 2. Miley has an amazing talent, and she is just using this ‘rebellion’ for more fame (which i think is not attractive in any way) 3. She needs to go back to her old CLASSY way, she now looks hideous!

  10. Shel Said:

    Um Gene Simmons of Kiss did the whole sticking tongue out long before MC was even a thought in her parents heads.

  11. geneve Said:

    Happi B-day really like ur songs listenin 2 it whole every nite I already knw the lyrics and I hpe u enjoy ur b-day

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