Chace Crawford Spends Day With Special Needs Students in China

Spotted: Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford taking time out of his busy business trip to China to say hi to some very special fans. Our very own Golden Boy brightened the day for students at the Special Education Center of Children’s Palace, a school for children with special needs. Chace spent the afternoon interacting with students in the choir and arts classes.

Want to hear the most adorable thing ever? The kids even prepared songs for him and gave him a piece of artwork designed by one of the students to thank him for visiting. Although, I’m sure the pleasure was all his. Every Upper East Sider knows the real secret to happiness isn’t how many things you own or how much money you have in the bank–it’s how many smiles you can bring to others. And Chace certainly brings many…

Chace has been filming Undrafted Do you love Chace more after seeing him do this great thing? Or did you already know he had a great heart to begin with? XOXO

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  1. freakaway Said:

    Love love love chace soo much…I oredi adored him before but respect him soo much more after seeing him do this….I truly admire celebs who know how to give back as we need more loving in this world….And he’s setting a good example…Keep it up Chace XOXOXO

  2. ilovechace Said:

    i love chace and i love what he is doing. so nice of him and can you please come in the Philippines. I want to see you.

  3. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    I’m Fatty McBoobyFarty. Call me Ms. McBoobyFarty. I love my last name. Don’t you? You’re probably wondering why I preffer to be called Ms. McBoobyFarty. Most people with that last name are strange. I am! In fact, I’m not even a human. I’m a monster swimming queen that poops whenever I have an emotion. I also have a robot arm and a wing. I just wanted to introduce myself to the youngsters, hipsters, gum-chewers, paper-airplane-makers, and goths. You all have so much life ahead of you.

  4. asleepwithcigarette Said:

    He’s sooo amazing!

  5. Said:

    Love you chace.

  6. Blair Waldorf Said:

    Looks like Golden Boy has find something to do between beeing hot and beeing cute. You can be sure I would make more than a picture if he came to visit. XOXO

  7. Anne Said:

    OMG so cute

  8. laura Said:

    Aww i love him even more now! hes so handsome .

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