Daily Drool: Chace Crawford at Governor’s Ball

Damn you, Chace Crawford. I spend all this time blathering on about fashion do’s and don’ts and there you are, looking flawless…in a white tee shirt!

chace crawford


In a five dollar Hanes tee you managed to outshine every other man at last night’s Skyy party for the Governor’s Ball, and while I do want to hate you for it (if you make fashion look this easy, I’ll be out of a job!), but you know I can’t stay mad at you.

What’s your favorite item of clothing to see on a hot guy? And yes “baby oil and a smile” is an acceptable answer…XOXO.


  1. Amber Said:

    Babyoil and a smile.

  2. tasha Said:

    Turtle necks or just a black jumper so a turn on for me

  3. Kiska Said:

    Can I just have him?

  4. Sarah Said:

    If He Has A Nice Tan… A Black Tee C;

  5. Gloria Gilbert Said:

    My favorite thing to see on a WOMAN (because we aren’t all straight or all females.) is – wait, no I’m straight.

    My favorite thing to see on a MAN is nothing ;)

  6. Blair Said:

    My favorite thing to see on a man is… ME ;-D

  7. Chimeeeey Said:

    He should have played the Christian Grey. Ugh. No offense to Alex but damn it, chace is fvkin hot!

  8. Amy Said:

    Honestly a guy with white boxer shorts is just the sexiest thing ever. And if he has a beard then I melt!

  9. Aurein Said:

    my hot gut CLOTHING weakness: fitted henleys!! even if a kinda cute guy wears one, to me hes instantly hot. if a hot guy wears ONE OF THOSE shirts, im a goner cause i will melt into a puddle of nonresistance.

  10. K Said:

    Muscles, baby oil and a smile ;)

    And maybe a beanie. Ahh.

  11. Sam Said:

    facial hair!

  12. asjdsas Said:


  13. S Said:

    Wanglers, belt buckle and cowboy boots :) <3

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  15. Zama Said:

    Mmmm sexy Chace you are so fuken HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ilyZMWH Said:

    White tee shirts or sports shirts…and when mah boy wears red with his glasses offfff…. :O

  17. Rachel Said:

    A plain black or white t-shirt or maybe shirt with blue jeans can make a guy look hot. But don’t forget they should have an attitude to carry it off.

  18. Maggie Said:

    He is super hot. whenever I’m watching gossip girl I’m just drooling over him.

  19. G.G 2.0 Said:

    I would love a nice bite of that for dessert. I hope he isn’t too sweet for me ;)

    XOXO Gossip Girl 2.0

  20. Talia Said:

    Plaid shirts and if they have blue eyes and brown hair :)

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